Sunday, November 29, 2009

E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing Workshop for Carl Duisberg Association of the Philippines

Last November 20 and 21, I conducted an e-commerce and social media marketing hands-on workshop for the Carl Duisberg Association of the Philippines (CDAP). Its organization members and non-member paying attendees, for a total of 30 participants, joined the said activity at Oxford Suites in Makati City.

Here was my training outline at that time:

Day 1
  • Introduction to E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Project Planning
  • Accepting Payments Online
  • The E-Commerce Law

Day 2

  • E-Mail / Newsletter Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
    - Keyword discovery, analysis, distribution
    - Competition analysis
    - Web content writing
  • Search Engine Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Network Marketing & Advertising

I guess the biggest challenge of teaching and handling a workshop of this size is meeting participant expectations based on their individual needs. As 2 days was quite short, I hope the materials received will allow them to move further with their respective experiment or trials.

After the workshop, the organization had its annual election of officers and general assembly. Congratulations to its new set of officers!

The workshop was a good warm up as I'll be resuming my E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs Hands-on Workshop series this December 7 to 18.

My sincerest thanks to the CDAP for having me. All the best to your organization. Big thanks also to DigitalFilipino Club and CDAP member Carole Lee for introducing me to the group.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The New Yahoo! Look

What is nice about the new Yahoo is that the home page now gives you a glimpse on activities on your various accounts in the site.

It can tell how many new emails you have, updates from Yahoo Profiles connections, who's online among Yahoo Messenger friends, among others.

in reference to: Yahoo! (view on Google Sidewiki)
(I just discovered Google Sidewiki. Thanks Gary Viray!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Memorable trip to General Santos City

IMG_9820, originally uploaded by avelmans.

After the last leg of DigitalFilipino Club and Bloggers eyeball roadshow in Davao City, I catched up with Avel Manansala and met some of General Santos City bloggers from July 19 to 21.

Some of the trip highlights include:

Thank you to all General Santos City blogger friends for making this short trip memorable!

My big congratulations goes to Avel Manansala as well for the well-deserved recognition he got a the Philippine Blog Awards Mindanao last October 24.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Users as the new models

Last April 29, 2009, I was one of the three panelists on "The rise of Digital Advertising and the Philippine Outlook for 2009" invited by the 4As - premiere advertising association in the Philippines.

The focused of my presentation was blog / social network marketing and advertising. Looking at various activity trends, noticed a lot of companies organizing activities with users (or favored ones) at the front act.
  • Some entities organize contest encouraging users to submit blog posts, photos, and even videos to a site.
  • Some users get tapped to function as coordinator either on a volunteer or paid capacity running a campaign.
So instead of hiring the usual talents or celebrities, more companies realize the value of collaborating with loyal users in carrying the brand and interact with peers online.
The same applies for user trials where those who enjoyed or enlightened (or even not) with the experience will share what they think in their respective blog or communities they belong to.

Find more videos like this on Social Network

So I totally agree with fellow panelist Donald Lim, CEO of, when he said in the video that traditional advertising methods won't work online. Advertising agencies need to adjust and learn how to treat users differently from the usual models or celebrity endorsers.
Maria Rodriguez Java of ABS-CBN News also joined in the panel where she shared interesting statistics focusing on their experience.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Impact of Social Networks on Public Relations

Last April 30, I delivered a sidebar talk during the 1st general membership meeting of the Public Relations Society of the Philippines at Ascott Makati. My talk was about the "Impact of Social Networks on Public Relations".

I think PR people face a big challenge today as their clientele use social networks more to provide updates and get direct feedback from users. This presents both an opportunity and a risk as well. In addition, it also challenges the future role of this profession as users become PR themselves.

Public relations people today need to savvy in blogging and social networking in order to interact better using this medium.

EON's Junie Del Mundo also delivered a talk on corporate social responsibility which I found to be very interesting.

“Building Trust in a Connected World”
I got invited by Qartas Corporation to be one of the resource persons this August 4 from 2-5pm at the Balmori Room of the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

My 30-minutes talk will be about “Embracing the New PR: How Corporate Blogging and Social Media can help in traffic generation and brand building”.

Qartas Corporation in cooperation with Galileo by Travelport have gathered the top executives of the travel industry to discuss how they can maximize the use of the internet to grow their business, how having a trust mark (Sure Seal) helps in increasing conversion rates, and address the growing concern on internet fraud.

My talk will focus on how corporate blogging and social media like Friendster, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace can help promote brands and increase site traffic.

Many thanks to club member Jovel Cipriano for considering me to talk on this topic!

This coming August 10 to 12 as well, I will have a workshop where one of my topics is about blog marketing & advertising and social network marketing & advertising.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Meet the Yahoo! Purple Hunt Purple Crew

pikpak 367, originally uploaded by astiege.

Although I have blogged about Yahoo! power users being tapped to help out in the Purple Hunt (referred to as Purple Crew), I think this is the only photo that we have today where we are altogether in one shot.

I'll miss you folks and hope we can keep in touch.

(In the photo left to right are: Jimmy Hilario, Jonas de los Reyes, Jobar Pensica, Lai Legaspi, Janette Toral, and Anne Flores)

My Yahoo Smile by Caitlyn

5-year old Caitlyn often sees Yahoo Messenger in action as her parents communicate with their friends, relatives, and to each other when one is out of town. Yesterday, she just blurted out to her mom, "this is how Yahoo smiles".

She likes the Yahoo Messenger smiley so much that she even draw and now practicing how to spell Yahoo.

Come to think of it, all that Yahoo! Messenger "cuteness" really has an effect. Seeing that smiley icon jumping while you are opening the program is like creating a feeling of "anticipation" that you are about to chat with someone special.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yahoo Purple Hunt Phase 4 Grand Finale Winners

Purple Hunt Philippines @ Yahoo! Video

Congratulations to Calvin Galgana (Honda Jazz), Erliza Karen Cabisidan (entertainment system), and Jemuel del Valle (Canon 500D Digital SLR) for winning the Yahoo! Purple Hunt phase 4 grand finale prizes.

All winners from Yahoo! Purple Hunt phase 2, 3, and 4 were recognized during the evening finale event.

Those who did not win in the footrace also got Globe Tattoo kits. For those who were not able to get their prize, please expect the event organizer, Youthopia, to contact you in a day or two on the collection of your consolation prize.

Congratulations Yahoo! Purple Hunters!

Also, there are a lot of feedback received from you on problems encountered during the event and how the Purple Hunt can be further improved. You can e-mail and a Yahoo! representative shall respond.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Honda Jazz Winner - Calvin Galgana @ Yahoo! Video

Erliza Karen Cabisidan bagged 2nd prize at Yahoo Purple Hunt @ Yahoo! Video

Jemuel del Valle bagged 3rd prize at Yahoo Purple Hunt footrace @ Yahoo! Video

New Vision Dance group at Yahoo Purple Hunt Grand Finale @ Yahoo! Video

More than 1000 Yahoo Purple Hunters at Bonifacio High Street

More than 1000 Yahoo Purple Hunters started coverging as early as 7 am to participate in the crack the code portion of phase 4. In total, more than 200 were able to crack the code and a raffle was held to know who will be able to join the footrace.

Gary Samios Uy at Yahoo Purple Hunt Crack the Code @ Yahoo! Video

Jacqueline Lubrica cracks the code at Yahoo Purple Hunt Grand Finale @ Yahoo! Video

Midnight Purple Hunters @ Yahoo! Video

The footrace required the Yahoo Purple Hunters to visit several pitstop and perform a challenge that includes making a puzzle, moving purple marbles using a chopstick, make a balloon hat, finishing a cold drink, among others. In the less than an hour, the race was finished as one Yahoo Purple Hunter found the car.

Many thanks to all Yahoo Purple Hunters who joined this activity. To my fellow Purple Crew / Power Users, I'm gonna miss you guys. Let's keep in touch.
It feels great to meet, be part, of an active and proud Yahoo users community! Rock on!

Purple College Workshops by Power Users

A lot of the Yahoo! Purple Hunters joined the Yahoo! Purple Hunt grand finale earlier today, July 25, and also attended the Purple College Workshops by Power Users.

Many thanks to everyone who attended my session on Blogging and Social Networking 101 (Tips & Techniques in Building an Online Community). Here are some notes that can be of help too:
For those who would like to learn more, I have a blogging and social networking workshop series happening on August 10 to 12 that covers this subject too.

My fellow power users Jimmy Hilario also did a talk on "How to take professional photos using an amateur camera". Followed by Jobar Pensica on "Creating and managing a community of photo-enthusiasts".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yahoo Purple Crew Jobarracuda won TV 5 Evening News Contest

in black & white, originally uploaded by jobarracuda.

Fellow Purple Crew Jobarracuda just won in the photo contest initiated by the TV 5's The Evening News (TEN). He competed against more than 400 participants in this photo montage contest - where 5 photos on the topic social realism got submitted.

Here is the story behind the photo according to Jobar:

I was shopping at Baguio market when this little girl approached me, asking that she'll carry my bag for some money. I told her that I'll just take a photo of her and she doesn't have to carry my bag.

"Isang kuha lang po ha" (just one photo sir).

I smiled and took a shot as fast as i can because i didn't want her to change her mind.

She was so happy and surprised that i gave her 50 pesos (1 dollar). Most of the time they get 10 or 20 pesos in every bag they carry....and most are heavy shopping bags.

"Kuya nagkamali po kayo" (brother you made a mistake.)

Offering back the money.

"No I didn't", I said. "That is really for you."

Then i went my way praying that the photo i took of her was alright.

Congratulations Jobar!

Yahoo! Purple Hunt Phase 4: Guess the location of the Purple Hunt Grand Finale Event

The Yahoo Purple Hunt Phase 4 just kicked off last July 14. The microsite has began falling apart to reveal the secret location of the Purple Hunt grand finale event on July 25.

Purple Hunters will have to guess the location and input on the Yahoo Purple Hunt microsite anytime from July 14 to 24.

Those who will get it correctly shall receive a confirmation e-mail. Only Purple Hunters with the confirmation e-mail have the chance to participate in the footrace.

Mechanics of the Footrace:
  1. People must bring the confirmation e-mails and be at the location at 9am wearing purple. You must be 18 and above to qualify.
  2. Registration will be from 9 am to 10:30 am.
  3. From 10:30-1:00 pm, registered Purple Hunters will go through a skill based test to shortlist 40 people for the footrace. This will require you to hack the microsite by clicking on clues combination. Watch this video to have an idea about it.

  4. At 1 pm, the shortlisted Purple Hunters will be brief on the footrace.
  5. From 2-5 pm, the 40 shortlisted Purple Hunters will participate in the footrace to find the Honda Jazz Purple Car.

    During the footrace, the 40 shortlisted Purple Hunters will have to visit several pitstop, perform a challenge, and get the next clue until the car is reached. Note that each pitstop will have a challenge that needs to be performed well. Anyone caught cheating will automatically be disqualifed.

    Once the car gets found, the whole race shall end. The top three (3) shall get the following:

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Note as well that:

  1. Anyone from the Philippines, who was able to guess the exact location at the microsite, can join for as long as they are in Manila on July 25 during the actual footrace.
  2. Phase 2 (Canon Camera) and 3 (Blackberry Smartphone) winners can still qualify to compete for phase 4.
  3. Note that this is not on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. The picture that is now in the site will not be replaced and shall be gradually unveiled.

Meanwhile from 12 pm - 6 pm, there will be plenty of activities at the venue, such as the following:

  • Purplescape Exhibition
  • Purplize Your World
  • Purple College Workshops
  • Project Purple Showcase
  • Purple Lounge
  • Interactive Games
The event will start to wind down from 6-9pm where there’ll be a prize presentation for phases 2 (Canon Camera), 3 (Blackberry Smartphone), and 4 winners, a finale programme and a Purple concert with local talents performing.

Note that unlike in the last two phases, I won't be giving out exact address tips as phase 4 is very competitive. However, I will be helping you guys out by seeding a clue a day here. If you know the answer, type in your answer at the microsite to get a confirmation e-mail.
  1. The location was featured in phase 3 (Blackberry Smartphone) (July 14 clue)
  2. The Purple Crew visited this location to give away Yahoo Swags. (July 15 clue)
  3. I was there on the first day to give away Yahoo Swags. (July 17 clue)

Good luck to all Purple Hunters! See you at the Purple Hunt Grand Finale Event on July 25. I shall be covering the event the whole day. Will post pictures and videos here.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Phase 3 Winners: 6 BlackBerry Storm smartphones

Just like to give Purple Hunters a heads-up that Yahoo! just announced the winners of the BlackBerry Storm Smartphone (phase 3) in the Purple Crew Yahoo Groups. They are:

1. Jennilyn Tanciangco
2. Sylvia Oronce
3. Germie Florendo
4. Alwedjh Obenario
5. Coralyn De Castro
6. Eleonor Priscilla Garcia

Congratulations Purple Hunters! See you at the grand finale this Saturday!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Get Yahoo! Swags - It's Easy When it's Purple!

I was at Krispy Kreme Bonifacio High Street and Glorietta last July 3 and 10 to meet and greet the Purple Hunters. Congratulations to the winners of the shirts! Fun to meet the midnight hunters too who came in full force during this activity.

The Purple Crew visited Krispy Kreme Bonifacio High Street (July 3), Starbucks Market Market (July 4), Krispy Kreme Glorietta (July 10), and Krispy Kreme Trinoma (July 11) where Yahoo! swags were given out to those who mentioned the magic keyphrase "It’s Easy when it’s Purple".

Some of these swags were the Limited Edition Team Manila T-shirts, Yahoo Purple Hunt ID lace, Yahoo! pins, and paper doll flyers. The activity was part of the Yahoo Purple Hunt promotions.

Get to know the Purple Crew!

Yahoo Purple Hunt BlackBerry Smartphone #6: University Santo Tomas

Day 3 b, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

This is the oldest and largest university in the Philippines.

If you know where it is, type in the location address at the Yahoo Purple Hunt microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yahoo Purple Hunt Phase 2 Winners: 6 Canon Dugutak IXUS cameras

Canon Dugutak IXUS, originally uploaded by ThePurpleHunt.

Just like to give Purple Hunters a heads-up that Yahoo! just announced the winners of the digital camera (phase 2) in the Purple Crew Yahoo Groups. They are:

  1. Franze Ramirez (Mobile number: +63916.992.xxxx)
  2. Tristan Jerick Reyes (Mobile number: +63929.358.xxxx)
  3. Antonio Victor Velasco (Mobile number: +63917.829.xxxx)
  4. Francesca Cruz (Mobile number: +63906.214.xxxx)
  5. Marileen Moral (Mobile number: +63927.790.xxxx)
  6. Joan Lyn Matawaran (Mobile number: +63917.733.xxxx)

Congratulations Purple Hunters!

Yahoo! Swags at DigitalFilipino Club & Bloggers Meet-up Bacolod, Cebu, & Davao

I've been able to get some Yahoo! swags to be given out during the Club & Bloggers Meet-Up sponsored by PAGCOR in Bacolod, Cebu, and Davao. Of course, bloggers should mention the magic keyphrase in order to get the goodies.
They are scheduled to be held in Casino Filipino Bacolod (July 4), Casino Filipino Cebu (July 11), and Casino Filipino Davao (July 18).
See you friends!

Yahoo Purple Hunt BlackBerry Smartphone #5: China Oceanis Philippines Inc.

Day 1 c, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

This location was first opened in March 2008 and owned by China Oceanis Philippines Inc.

If you know where it is, type in the location address at the Yahoo Purple Hunt microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Yahoo Purple Hunt BlackBerry Smartphone #4: Triangle North of Manila

Day 3 b, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

Construction started for this site in June 2005 and the project name was North Triangle Mall. The mall's name comes from its shape & location… Triangle North of Manila.

If you know where it is, type in the location address at the Yahoo Purple Hunt microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Purple Hunt Power Users during Yahoo! Project Purple unveiled atAyala Museum

Last May 26, 2009 Yahoo! unveiled “Project Purple” including the popular Pinoy artists, top Philippine and global companies pledged their support for the campaign.

With me are: Anne Flores (Yahoo Answers power user), Jimmy Hilario (Flickr power user), Lai Legaspi (Yahoo Answers power user), and Lynn Chong (Yahoo!).

Yahoo!’s Project Purple limited edition t-shirts now available!

Wow! I'm excited to see these actual shirts and wear them soon!

As a continuation of Project Purple, Yahoo! today announced that Team Manila has joined the social movement by creating two exclusive limited edition T-shirts which harness its inspiration from Filipino heritage and the young-Pinoy’s penchant for the internet.

Team Manila’s designs were influenced by famous characters from Jose Rizal’s novel “Noli Me Tangere” and common colloquialisms by modern Pinoys. Both t-shirts will be available at PHP 550 starting today at Team Manila’s retail stores at the Archeology wing, 2nd Floor Rockwell, 2nd Floor Mall of Asia, Jupiter store in Bel-Air Makati, and soon at the 3rd Floor in Trinoma.

Yahoo!’s Project Purple, a social movement that powers Pinoy passions by encouraging Filipinos to be creative and innovative in expression, is an effort that links and strengthens Yahoo!’s brand promise to transform the lives of people, societies and economies. Team Manila joins a roster of brands that have supported the movement - Ayala Land, Inc., BlackBerryĂ’, Canon Philippines, Globe Telecom, Honda Cars Philippines Inc., Krispy Kreme Philippines, and Nestle Philippines.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Blackberry Smartphone #2: MRT Ayala Station

Day 2 a, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

The Purple Crew location is near the MRT Ayala Station, SM Department Store Makati, Rustan’s and Landmark.

If you know where it is, type in the location address at the Yahoo Purple Hunt microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Enjoying the Yahoo Purple Hunt!

Last April, I got contacted by Jonas who formerly worked for Yehey and is now with Yahoo! in relation to the upcoming Yahoo! Purple Hunt. He was tapping me as a power user of Yahoo Groups. I agreed for the following reasons:

  1. Doing this for the love of Yahoo!
    DigitalFilipino would not have grown and stayed up to this day without its discussion group turned mailing list community hosted in Yahoo Groups.
  2. Now or never
    I want to be part of this unique experience because there may not be a 2nd chance to do so.
  3. Learn from it
    Anyone who is into social network marketing can learn a lot from this experience as the whole hunt tapped into the various communities, platforms, and relationship of users.
  4. Meet new people
    Being in touch with fellow users allowed me to make new friends. For me, that is the greatest value of it all.

This whole Yahoo! Purple Hunt will be over by July 25. I'm very thankful to be part of this amazing experience. To all Purple Hunters, good luck!

Yahoo Purple Hunt Blackberry Smartphone #2: Hotel Intercontinental

Day 1 c, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

The Purple Crew location is near the Hotel Intercontinental. If you know where it is, type in the location address at the microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Blackberry Smartphone #2: Makati City

Day 1 b, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

The Purple Crew is somewhere in Makati City.

If you know where it is, type in the location address at the microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Blackberry Smartphone #1: BHS

3 b, originally uploaded by purple crew purple hunt clues.

The Purple Crew is enjoying Krispy Kreme doughnuts at a place with the initial BHS. It is near to an army camp. Same place as you can find a giant blue bear. This place is owned by the Ayala family. Type in the location address at the microsite to win.

Six (6) BlackBerry Smartphones will be given away in this phase 3 of the Yahoo! Purple Hunt.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: Coffee Gambling


Coffee Gambling is the 9th Casino Online information site I have reviewed to date. Admittedly, the more I look into these type of sites, the more I recognized how competitive this whole review portals are.

What I find to be interesting about Coffee Gambling are as follows:
  • The site is primarily design for people who really wanted to play right away. The slots section has a listing of game types. Upon visit of a page, it will give you a brief description and immediately a list of sites where you can play it.

    This approach brings an experienced player immediately to what it wanted. For newbies though, a bit more content, screen shot, or video may help a bit more.
  • Unlike the slot section of the site, the roulette page is more information loaded that gives the visitors an overview on how the game is played with no immediate push to any site. Screen shot or videos may be added value further.

  • Although the site does not having ratings of the various online casinos featured where you can play slots, blackjack, among others, it can be assumed that the site owner have listed those that were tried and tested. It would help if this assumption gets further confirmed or manifested either at the start or bottom of the page.
There is much more about Coffee Gambling that can be mentioned here. Definitely, it is a must visit for anyone interested in playing casino online.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Review: Blackjack Stats


Blackjack Stats is the first blackjack site that I have reviewed to date. What I like about the site includes:
  • Provides practical victory guidelines and calculator resource.

  • Provides Basic Blackjack Strategy that is easy to follow and presented logically. Reading it gave me more confidence to try it out next time rather than pay slots.

    The site also has a free Blackjack game just to get the player started and be familiar with it.

  • The Blackjack strategy tables and charts is a very useful resource for players who are getting serious in playing the game. The output is used to further analyze one's odds of winning and best strategy to approach it.
I find it interesting to visit a site that is able to get a visitor all excited to try out the game. This is one of those rare sites.

Some suggestions for improvement:
  • The Blackjack card counting statistics table can be too overwhelming at a glance. Perhaps it will be best to split them into several pages with more explanation or images.

    If this gets done, it will allow me to analyze the tables and charts better.

  • Photos and videos, if added, can be very useful to newbies wanting to learn the game.

Buy & sell blog advertising through 3rd party - Blogsvertise

Blogsvertise is an interesting blog advertising platform for advertisers who wants options and assistance such as:
  • Be able to post blog reviews, homepage text link, and homepage banner opportunities.

  • Purchase campaigns on a fix rate of US$20 per blog. Blogsvertise will match up the requirement to bloggers and do the necessary placement.

  • Advertisers who wants more control and choose where to place ads can request their account to be upgraded to power user. Cost per blog can vary from US$4 to US$50 per post.

  • Advertisers can pay through credit card and Paypal.
Bloggers on the other hand are given 5 days to accept or decline an ad assignment. If accepted, the completed work must be given during the same period.

Payment is also given 30 days after the assignment is completed. Of all the blog advertising networks I have joined, my highest decline rate is with this one. (5 reasons why I decline blog post assignments) Despite the challenge, I still find this network very much worthy to be in.

Review: Casinos R-US

Back in 1999 to 2002, I was a regular visitor to Las Vegas checking out major trade shows happening there such as COMDEX. Visiting various hotel casinos becomes part of the routine as well although my only regret is the lack of interest to take photos at that time.

However, I plan to visit the U.S. again this year to watch the U2 360 Tour and will make sure to take photos this time. Casinos will also be a sure stop and sites like Casinos R-US can be a resource for that trip. I will likely inquire once my target date is defined and ask about junkets scheduled to happen in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City.


Should the site undergo major update soon, I would suggest the following:
  • Improve color for better readability.
    Either retain background color and just change text color or vice versa.

  • Junket events happening in 2009 and its cost.
    Not all have updated information.

  • Up to date reviews of various casino establishment.
    It will be interesting to read on comparative experiences and know who offers a great deal anytime soon.

    If a game guide can also be provided, sharing info on the various games that can be played on the floor, that will be great too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Casino Filipino Internet gaming station experience

Last April 12, I decided to start playing badminton again and realized that there is actually an online casino in our area. Since I've been doing a lot of web reviews of various casino sites, decided to visit one of these gaming station and have a feel of the game.

I asked for a recommendation and the slot game PayDirt was suggested. Minimum playing fund is five hundred pesos (P500). Based on what I read so far, realized that:
  • Playing small, like the minimum bet or line, will likely not yield you any winnings. You must go all the way, maximum possibilities for winning, to increase your chances.

  • Have a good capital so that you can stay long enough and increase your chances.
As I resumed with my site reviews again after, admittedly, it changed the way I looked at the site and analyzed the write-ups more.

So we'll see how I'm going to perform next time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review: Online Casino Hero

Online Casino Hero is the 8th review site I have featured to date.


What I like about this Online Casino are as follows:
  • Default text size is large enough that encourages the visitor to read.

  • Casino games feature highlights on how it is played online. It also includes strategies for each.

  • It has links to other casino review sites by game. This is the first time I encountered a casino review site that links to others who may even be considered as its competition.

  • Its online casino software feature contains information on which online casino sites are actually running on those platform. Contact information of each provider is also included. It is my first time to see a review site that shows that perspective.
For improvement suggestions, I think it will help if:
  • The frequently asked questions can be broken down into several pages that contains a common topic theme rather putting them all in one page.

  • The online casino news page can contain blog or industry news as picked up in article search engines.

  • Quick link to home page is needed whenever in sub-pages.

  • I like the effort taken by the site to include visuals especially at the online games guide. I think more photos will help that will show screen shots on some of the pages as an example.