Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tracking Entries in Paradise Philippines SEO Competition

I just realized yesterday that the contest links for BayanihanSEO competition is now available and can be posted by entries in their blog. One of the things I noticed in the ItuloyAngSulong contest the last time was some fellow entries don't put up the contest sponsor links right from the start. As I'm coming in as a sponsor this time, what I'd like to do in this blog post is update this regularly as I see more entries. Note that the site listed here is based on those appearing in Technorati search results for my sites. Hopefully, it can also give some link love to participants.

Software Process Improvement
Write at home
Advertising Income
E-Commerce Community
I also hope that the participants can take advantage of other contests that can also generate link love to their site and possibly win too such as the Filipina Writing Project and You Got Blogged.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Goal - to reach Level 50 in Warbook

I just reached a Level 13 status in Warbook and quite comfortable in taking the initiative to attack and not bothered receiving it as well.

The upgrade that happened in the game lately is the Level 50 limit. One of the reasons behind it is to make the playing field as reasonably competitive as possible. What I like about this move is that the ending is clear. For players like me, it is like a finish line that can be targeted upon although the path is unpredictable, which makes it exciting.

Being able to level up from level 11 last week to level 13 was due to:
  • Attacking kingdoms that are no more than three (3) times smaller. To do that, assuming you'll attack the smallest, check your kingdom size and divide that by 3. Example: If your kingdom size is 3000, you divide that by 3 and you'll get 1000. Search for kingdoms that are 1001 to 1010 in size and pick one that you can attack from there. I now prioritize attacking those with the highest level in the result and not affiliated to any alliance.

    If you are lucky, you'll find them neglecting their hero already with lots of gold in it. Also, the higher the level of the hero you are attacking, the higher the experience points.

  • Focus on strengthening my knights and pikemen. I use my hourly gold income to get knights prior to attack and use gold gathered during attacks or mana to replenish the pikemen.
Lastly, don't get discouraged by attacks as this forms part of your army per acre ratio finetuning. Just target to reach Level 50 fair and square - no shortcut or cheats or scripts.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Creating a Warbook Alliance and manage Kingdom growth

Over the weekend, my hero reached a Level 11 status in Warbook. There are the things I'm doing now in the game to sustain kingdom growth slowly. This includes:
  • Have a ratio of at least 10 army personnel per acre. At least 50% of them be made to pikemen, 10% elites, 30% knights, and 10% soldiers.
  • Carry out attacks whenever alchemy casting is due. As the gold given is based on your kingdom's hourly revenue, successful attacks prior to casting can temporarily increase your land and reduce army size. Make sure that your army ratio is more than 10 per acre before carrying out an attack.
  • Note that as your hero's level increases, the number of exp points needed to level up gets higher. If your goal is to go up once a week, then carrying out 5-10 attacks per day may be necessary.
Usually after overnight, heroes find themselves having more than 1 million gold and may be tempted to create a Warbook alliance. Think if you really need to create or join an existing one. The advantage in being part of a Warbook alliance includes:
  • Being able to ask for help from fellow alliance members whenever you get more than 2 attacks in a day and unable to fight back due to size disadvantage.
  • Be less susceptible to attacks as heroes with alliance affiliation are less attacked for free of being mobbed.
The challenge in creating and maintaining a Warbook alliance includes:
  • You must have friends of various hero levels eager to join you before creating an alliance. The last thing that you want is to be alone in it. I've seen several players who created an alliance and later on requesting it to be deleted - as they are unable to join bigger groups when they need help and have not much members in it.
  • You are responsible for your members. Make sure they follow alliance rules, such as attacking another hero up to 2x only, to avoid getting you all into trouble. This is the reason also why I've made my alliance a close group with five members at the moment for easy management. Although each one is able to recommend future members and be responsible for them.