Friday, April 10, 2009

Buy & sell blog reviews through 3rd party - ReviewMe

ReviewMe is the first blog review site I joined last November 2006. What makes the service unique, of all other sites offering similar services, is that ReviewMe requires a disclosure. This means all blog reviews must state one way or another that the said post is paid for.

Advertisers can place a campaign in 3 ways.
  • Marketplace.
    Choose and place targeted ads on a per blog basis.

  • Advertiser-offered reviews
    Offer a campaign that contains your requirements, budget, and category or theme of blogs relevant to you. Minimum amount per post is ten dollars (US$10).

  • Advertorials
    Full control of the advertisement text and click tracking for performance measurement.
Half or 50% of what advertisers pay is given to bloggers.

Bloggers can earn from ReviewMe through acceptance and participation of the campaigns listed above. I also observed the following:
  • The advertiser-offered reviews or campaigns area has a lot of opportunities listed in it where minimum pay-out is five dollars (US$5). One must constantly monitor it if you are eager in getting high payout opportunities.

  • ReviewMe allows bloggers to accept 40 campaign offers a month. This means that those who are aggressive in monitoring and getting opportunities can earn a minimum of two hundred dollars (US$200) from it (@US$5 each). If you only get those that pay at least ten dollars (US$10), then your monthly earning potential doubles to four hundred dollars (US$400).

  • Payouts are done monthly so this requires also budgeting on your part.
Marketplace and advertorial opportunities are a bit limited. I guess this is partly because most advertisers are in a position to contact the blogger directly if they want to negotiate the rates further.

Tough to break-in

I heard feedback from fellow bloggers on how their blogs did not qualify to join ReviewMe for several reasons. This means that one has to really work hard in building their site and get the approval desired.

This funnel process benefits advertisers knowing the bloggers they are dealing with are serious enough.