Friday, April 03, 2009

My 1st Plurkfiesta Experience & Mini Cooper glimpse

Last February 21, I got my first taste of Plurkfiesta at Tranquilo Bar & Grill. A Plurkfiesta is simply an eyeball event that can be organized by anyone. Read about it a few days before through Tiffy and expressed my interest.

I had a great time catching up with fellow Plurk users that night as we talked about blogging developments, politics, old Pinoy movies, among others.

Tranquilo Bar & Grill (103 Eagle Street Bgy. Ugong Pasig across c-5.) is actually inside a car maintenance shop. But don't let the look of the place deceive you. It serves one of the best meals in town at very reasonable cost. If I recall correctly, we ate like 5 to 6 various food that night and paid only 250 pesos each, inclusive of drinks. It was one of the best food deals I ever had.

Later that evening, I also saw a Mini Cooper, that car used in the movie "The Italian Job". Glad the owner allowed me to take a photo of it. I was even offered to be taken a photo inside the car but don't want to abuse the hospitality of the car owner. Although the day after, I regret not doing it. lol!

Until the next Plurkfiesta!