Friday, April 10, 2009

Buy & sell blog reviews through 3rd party - Sponsored Reviews

Late last year, after releasing the book Blogging from Home, I often receive questions on how can blog sites be monetized. I decided to join several programs and participate actively to have enough personal experience whenever information sharing is required. One of those programs is Sponsored Reviews.

For advertisers, Sponsored Reviews uniquely allows you to:
  • Place opportunity directly to bloggers or put them in the marketplace. Interested bloggers will have to bid for them giving you the chance to screen and approve.

  • An advertisement is not limited to one link. You can have several and require bloggers to link them all up.
Although in the process, the only risk for advertisers in going through the bidding process is that it must recognize that not all are active participants in it. Personally, I tried posting a few bids and when none have replied, I just got contented waiting for opportunities to come to me.

For bloggers, Sponsored Reviews gives a higher payout which is 65% and releases them twice a month.