Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Casino Filipino Internet gaming station experience

Last April 12, I decided to start playing badminton again and realized that there is actually an online casino in our area. Since I've been doing a lot of web reviews of various casino sites, decided to visit one of these gaming station and have a feel of the game.

I asked for a recommendation and the slot game PayDirt was suggested. Minimum playing fund is five hundred pesos (P500). Based on what I read so far, realized that:
  • Playing small, like the minimum bet or line, will likely not yield you any winnings. You must go all the way, maximum possibilities for winning, to increase your chances.

  • Have a good capital so that you can stay long enough and increase your chances.
As I resumed with my site reviews again after, admittedly, it changed the way I looked at the site and analyzed the write-ups more.

So we'll see how I'm going to perform next time.