Friday, June 06, 2008

Ximmy Spams Social Networking Sites

I've been a member of Ximmy for quite sometime and appreciated its business model of giving incentive to users. Yesterday, Ximmy sent an e-mail announcing its automated social media invite feature that allows members to encourage their connections in Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Bedo, Flickr, Multiply, Hi5, Linkedin, and Orkut to join.

True enough, most of us have began receiving e-mails from numerous contacts in these social networks getting Ximmy invites.

This is a disaster for Ximmy as spamming social networks is bad press for savvy users that mostly comprised these networks. I won't be surprised if users who sent Ximmy invites will get tagged for sending spam and might even run the risk of having their account suspended.

The company forgot to give regard that recipients getting multiple messages will be annoyed and will only hate them for it. Worst, even affect relationship a user has with connections in social networks.