Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Credibility and endorsement: Internet advertising and DigitalFilipino

I recently got an inquiry from an international site wanting to have their ad posted in DigitalFilipino.com.

This is something that I usually get and have refrained from accepting such type of offers directly for several reasons.

Credibility and endorsement
While a potential advertiser product may be good, oftentimes loyal site visitors believe that you are accountable to any advertisement appearing in your website, especially if its very specialized in nature. Unlike Google AdSense which is common to a lot of websites, a brand advertisement do have some strings attached.

The moment the advertisement contract ended, the relationship is also terminated. If they have fouled up in their service and disgruntled folks signed up through you - that's an instant accountability on the website owner.

Alternative approach
So whenever offers for advertisement get served to me through e-mail or phone call, I always advise the company to sign up as a corporate club member instead in the DigitalFilipino.com Club.

Instead of paying me US$300 to US$500 per month, they just pay a one-year corporate club membership fee and be part of our banner ad rotation system. This also gives me the opportunity to get to know the new members much better and explore areas where the club and its members can be of benefit.

I guess you can say that I invest in something more serious or a committed inner circle relationship with peers. Not just a fancy fling where I-use-you and you-use-me.

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