Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No lap chun in 2007

My bead jewelry hobby was triggered last year after getting a copy of Lilian Too's Fortune & Feng Shui series. Most of our early bead jewelry work was heavily influenced by it. They served as symbolic reminders on the things that I should watch out for and reminders of encouragement. When there are predictions of bad month, I worked on them way ahead of time so that the month turns as business as usual with hardly any firefighting on my side. As a result, 2006 is indeed a great year.

The 2007 predictions though are tough. First thing that struck me is that there's no lap chun in 2007. Lap chun is the major difference between the Chinese lunar calendar (where Chinese horoscope is usually based) and solar calendar (where Flying Star Feng Shui is often based). Lilian Too said in her books that this coming year begins on February 18, long after the day of Spring, and therefore no lap chun. We are encouraged to start planning anything important and get it done on or before the Chinese New Year. Else, obstacles can hinder us or not even succeed in getting projects off the ground. This includes moving offices, launching a new business, building a new house, among others.

I consider all of this as just reminders. Luck chances are higher to those who persevere and are working hard/smart in order to achieve success. Ituloy AngSulong!

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