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Ituloy AngSulong Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2007: Empower and Unite - Call for Entries

Last November 23, upon return from Cebu that morning, I immediately went to STI Academy Las Piñas City to conduct a briefing about the Philippine Schools Cyberfair 2007 with this year's theme, "Empower and Unite". My advocacy on Internet for Children started in 2001 and I push for this through the Philippine Schools Cyberfair Competition. I encourage you to support this cause by encouraging more schools in your area to join this competition and help them build their entry.

Of course, if we will be lucky enough to make it in the Ituloy AngSulong competition, we will be able to pay for the airfare of teachers this year, just to attend our summer teachers training.


Engage your students in performance-based collaborative, project-design competition this school year 2006-2007!

* Support standards-based, authentic learning
* Connect students to their local communities
* Increase global awareness
* Increase real-world, transferable skills
* Involve students in the assessment
* Teach students 21st century learning skills (research, projectmanagement, content creation, publishing, digital media) is launching the 6th Philippines SchoolCyberFair Competition with the theme, "Empower and Unite". This CyberFair competition/exhibition requires participants to complete three tasks - publish, reflect, evaluate. Student-produced projects will spotlight people, places, businesses and other things in their local community -- that serve to "empower, motivate, and encourage positive change."

CyberFair is an opportunity to engage businesses, schools, and other youth organizations in educational activities that contribute to heightened mutual awareness and understanding of their community history, leaders, issues and needs. Students are encouraged to think about their own future plans, the conditions that will affect the future of their community, and issues of global importance.

All Philippine entries are encouraged to join the International School CyberFair. On its 12th year, it has been described as the largest educational event of its kind ever held on the Internet. This program has brought together more than one million students from over 109 countries.

It is also an authentic learning program used by schools and youth organizations around the world. Youth conduct research and publish their findings on the Web. Recognition is given to the best projects in each of eight categories: local leaders, businesses, communityorganizations, historical landmarks, environment, music, art, and local specialties. This program encourages youth to become community ambassadors by working collaboratively and using technology to share what they have learned. Students evaluate each other's projects by using a unique online evaluation tool.

CyberFair encourages youth to connect the knowledge they learn ins chool to real world applications. It also supports current education subjects such as Filipino, English, Computer, Social Studies, Science, Music, Practical Arts, Character Education, among others.

This year, schools can submit multiple entries. However, it should only be limited to one entry, per category, per division (elementary / high school). All entries must be written and presented in English and Filipino.


Now on its 6th year, is continuing the local CyberFair counterpart to promote literacy and meet the challenges of the digital divide. Prizes this year includes:

1. Trophy for the school, medal for students
2. Train the teachers on E-Learning Content Development (3-days workshop)

Interested teachers can register by sending an email to with the following information:

Your name: ______________________________________
Your email address: _____________________________
Your job title:__________________________________
Your school name: _______________________________
Type of school (public or private): _____________
Telephone number:________________________________
Fax number: _____________________________________
Your school address (complete with zip code):_______________________________________
Cyberfair category you are joining:_______________________
Division (elementary or high school):______________________

Deadline for registration shall be on January 31, 2007.

Website entries must be completed on or before February 28, 2007.
Visit for more details. Ituloy AngSulong Philippine Schools Cyberfair!

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