Friday, December 22, 2006

62% of Filipinos Expect a Happy Christmas

Three out of five (62%) adult Filipinos expect a happy Christmas this year, according to the Social Weather Survey of November 24-29, 2006.

The November 2006 Survey also found that, by a three-to-one ratio, more Filipinos say it is better to give than to receive gifts for Christmas.

Most are thankful for still being alive and for good health at the end of 2006.

Experience of hunger has some effect on the expectation of a happy Christmas.

Falling Happiness With Christmas
Expectations of a happy Christmas have trended downward from the high 82% recorded in 2002, when first surveyed by SWS. From 2003 to 2004, it went down by 13 points, from 77% to 64%. Last year there were also 62% expecting a happy Christmas.

Seven percent are anticipating a sad Christmas this year, similar to the 8% in 2005, but slightly lower than the 10% in 2004.

Twenty-nine percent are neither happy nor sad this Christmas, similar to the 28% in 2005.

Most thankful for good health, for being alive
Asked what are they most thankful for in their life now, most (41%) are thankful for “good health,” followed by 28% who are thankful for “being alive”. These were also the most popular responses in November 2003 when last surveyed – “buhay pa rin hanggang ngayon" or “still being alive” (36%) and “good health” (35%).

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