Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Message from One Voice Convenors

A Christmas message from the conveners of One Voice
to our signatories and valued allies:
We thank you all for speaking out when the cha-cha train threatened to misuse democratic processes for self-serving purposes, and many were silent. We thank you for the trust and the unwavering commitment. Together, we battled in the trenches when it mattered the most. As we all look back and survey the havoc and waste that the battle left in its wake, we may wonder if it was worth the effort.

We may wonder if this is indeed a new beginning to finally get the country and the government we deserve or if this will be just another lost opportunity, another inconsequential footnote in our history. We may wonder if, after the back-slapping and merriment of the moment and the hopeful picture of solidarity, we will again go back to our separate lives and leave the country to the political games and agendas of those who were voted to serve but have repeatedly failed the people.

We think we can all say it was worth it. But we cannot let history repeat itself for the nth time. Our country is too precious and too often betrayed to be left alone to face that fate. Let us celebrate the moment and enjoy the good cheer, and then prepare for the many more battles ahead.
Remember our 5-point program:
(I) stop the so-called people's initiative;
(2) social reform program now;
(3) electoral reform now and credible 2007 elections as an indirect referendum on the present administration
(4) a constitutional convention, not a constituent assembly. if necessary;
(5) work collectively in restoring the trustworthiness of our democratic institutions
Much has been achieved. But clearly, there is more work ahead of us, more difficult
than before. But there are more of us now, The silent majority are finding their voice and are speaking out loudly for our leaders to hear -- we want real change.

We will work with all groups who want real change. We will learn from one another, share our expertise and resources and take the lead on issues and concerns when that leadership is called for. Otherwise, we are all foot soldiers in the service of a nation. What is important is to broaden and deepen the national dialogue and to work together harmoniously for the good of all, but especially for those who deserve a better life than what democracy has given them.
After the holidays, after we have spent time communing with our families and friends, after we have renewed our faith in the real meaning of Christmas, and have thanked the Lord for His many blessings, let us get together, pray together and plan for the days ahead. There is work to be done.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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