Sunday, December 17, 2006

Falling in love with Blogger

For those of us who have been using Blogger for quitesome, the launch of its new features makes one really excited. For one, editing of the site template is now made easy through the use of page elements. This allows you to add feeds, links, images, Google AdSense code, among others easily in your website.

The creation of these features actually makes a Blogger a full blown website service. The Links element can be used to create permanent sections in your site. During my Website Enhancement Workshop yesterday, one of my club members, Trabilis Travel & Tours, took advantage of this feature to create a website prototype.

The only catch is that these new features can only be taken advantage of by new blog creators.

I hope that Blogger will allow old blog site owners to choose a new template and immediately take advantage of the new page element features. It will really make the maintenance very easy.

I will be using these new features to create my successive blogs starting with the DigitalFilipino Web Awards blog.

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