Saturday, January 06, 2007

Richard "Goma" Gomez for Senator?

I got a question yesterday from a friend about what I think on Richard Gomez running as Senator. He, related to Richard Gomez, is very supportive of the idea. I told him that he has many pluses such as: (not necessarily in this order)

1. He is competitive. He is known to perform well and even won awards in a variety of sports competition. I guess it is a sign that if he is really interested in something, he will work hard to ensure that he'll be the best in it. He is competing with himself, not with others. Character and determination-wise, if he becomes a Senator, perhaps he will do his best as well. Although I still have to see him share himself more to the masa. (perhaps unpublicized)

2. He is popular. With his very competitive background, he may also change the perception about actors winning as a Senator if he performs well too (assuming he doesn't get sued).

3. He is respectable. Despite being in a comedy show, which I get to glimpse on from time to time, I haven't seen him took advantage or abuse the extra comedians (especially the dwarf-height guest in their Christmas episode with Anjo Yllana) and lady guests.

4. He has guts to share his opinion and take a stand on issues, whether you agree with him or not.

5. He has a nice wife and civic-minded. I like Lucy Torres Gomez.

6. He deserves a chance. If I'm not mistaken, he was part of a party-list that won but got disqualified. His presidential consultant/adviser stint in the past did not gave him enough resources to put his planned actions to place.

Of course, being a politician running in 2007 elections requires answering tough questions:

1. Will you support any impeachment bid against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo related to accused cheating in the 2004 elections? (it is still not a dead issue as no opportunity was given to have any evidence presented at all)

2. In principle, do you want to change the Philippine Constitution?

3. Even not passing any new laws, what existing laws are you determined to monitor and see that they are properly implemented?

Any advise for Richard Gomez? (perhaps not run na lang)


Anonymous said...

Being a Gomez, it would be nice to seee and read our family name in the rolls of the Senate.

But come to think of it, what you Janet mentioned are my impressions about Richard.

I believe between him and other of his industry colleagues who are also now in politics, he can be more than par for the course.

This is exciting times.

Elmar M. Gomez

Janette Toral said...

So Elmar, tatakbo na ba siya talaga?

Anonymous said...

The position Richard Gomez wants to occupy is that of a lawmaker. Does he have any background in law? Baka lang kasi gawing on-the-job training lang. Wag naman nag crash course lang like Bong Revilla.

Maybe Ritsard (Richard) can try something at the barangay level first.

Just my two cents worth. He may have experience in being an actor. But acting does not have anything to do with lawmaking.

Ary said...

Im not going to Vote Ritsard Gowmes with his "National Toothbrush campaign Platform" as a solution to one of the core problems in Philippine Education System!

Anonymous said...

Philippine Politics can be described in ONE word: GARBAGE.

Richard Gomez has ZERO knowledge in law. None whatsoever. All he is a an actor, a model, thats it. whatexactly will he do in teh senate. But then again, he might win. why, because most filipinos are UNEDUCATED, POOR and simply do not have a choice. Its a vicious circle of justice gone wrong.

The "masa" does not have a CLUE on what is good for the country. Look at Imelda Marcos, after all the evil that she has done, she is running free. Look at Erap, Jinggoy etc. Truly truly pathetic. I myself, have almost GIVEN UP HOPE for our dear country. Richard Gomez is a GARBAGE candidate. Along with Tito Sotto and other actors who have done ABSOLUTELY nothing but RAPE and ABUSE our economy and our people.
We are screwed either way.

-Eldap, Tokyo Japan

Anonymous said...

Richard Gomez doesn't have a CLUE to be a senator. He should start on a lower gevernment position such as a councilor. Then he could rise up as a Vice-Mayor, Then Mayor, Then Congressman and later on Senator.

Ginagawa lang naman nya iyan dahil sa KAYABANGAN nya. Kung papapiliin ako. Iboboto ko pa si Pacquiao(which Im not) kaysa sa kanya.
As for Tito Sotto, lumalabas lang naman iyan kapag kampanya na. Pero sa Senado walang ginagawa. Ni anino hindi mo makita. Pagkatapos ngayon aarte sa Eat Bulaga. Na kesyo na hirap na hirap sya.

They are both GARBAGE

Anonymous said...

i will definitely vote for richard gomez.
why? because of his integrity and determination. character takes precedence over intelligence and the good news is richard has both both: integrity and intelligence. otherwise, he wouldn't have made it to u.p. and an outstanding student too. more than can be said of either you or me. besides, attitude is what really counts, even in school or in the office. that's why, often the conscientious student, not the really brilliant one, gets the gold. because everything can be learned unless you're a real moron or a mongoloid.
plus, beautiful women, like lucy torres and gretchen baretto, love richard gomez!!! i'd like to think i belong to their tribe...

Anonymous said...

Truly, richard is one person whom I think is a very character and determine man. Once he's into something, he really give the most to it. --We don't need a dollar-man to become a senator---anyone has the right to show their will for the betterment of the country...we should not judge a person just because he's just an actor--everyone should be given a just to share their ideas or talents. I like him for always giving his views on something--- He's a man of principle, who care not just to show his expression. Everything can be learn, all we need is simply a one determine and that's him... If I can mentioned, He is the only senator who went in our place..--- crowded --low profile--- and no one else really!!! "MASA" talaga sya... Go Richard we are here for you!

---Rose Bautista
Pandacan Manila

Anonymous said...

i think richard should run to 2010 he will surely win