Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting speakers for iBlog3

Earlier, I mentioned about my quest for encouraging speaker volunteers and topic suggestions for iBlog3. So far, there are several who heeded the call and gave interesting topics. This includes:

We got interesting topic suggestions as well and hope to be able to find bloggers interested in sharing their knowledge in these areas:

  • Photoblogging
  • Blog themes: food, travel, etc.
  • Philippine Libel Law and its implications on blogging
  • Drafting of Bloggers Code of Ethics
  • Blogging Success stories (Philippines' most read bloggers, Bloggers who won awards)
  • Government Blogging
  • Political Blogging
  • Cause-oriented Blogging (including Corporate Social Responsibility, Personal Social Responsibility)
  • Blogging and the Filipino diaspora
  • Philippine Politics and the blogosphere (trends and trendings)
  • The social relevance of the pinoyblogging (trends and trendings)
  • Blogging and Journalism (print, radio, online, tv)
  • Blogging as a tool for educators
  • SEO for blogs
  • Pro-blogging and e-commerce
  • Blogging for advancing one's career

Interested resource persons can email me at jtoral(at)

Ituloy AngSulong iBlog3!


the jester-in-exile said...


here's another idea -- why not invite the CICT people to deliver a paper on blogging as they see it? precious little has been said about bloggin by these folks (or at least that i'm aware of).

Janette Toral said...

Hello Pierre. I'll try to find out if any of the high-level officials there blog so we can invite them. On iBlog1, former CICT Commissioner Dondi Mapa was blogging then. Thank you for all the inputs!

Sean said...

"Blogging and the Filipino diaspora" sounds like the title of a college elective. Heh. :)

With regards to "Philippine Libel Law and its implications on blogging", why not expand this to involve multiple legal concerns for bloggers? I'd like to see legal consultants touch on copyright law, for instance, given that there have been a few incidences where media outlets took their stuff from blogs without proper permission.

I'll also point out that finding a good speaker for "Blogging for Newbies" will be harder than it looks: Not many people will have used or accessed all the available features out there, and those who did will have to adjust their level of technical knowledge to compensate for the audience.

Janette Toral said...

Hi Sean. We got lucky in being able to find the speakers for the newbies and libel topic that you suggested. Thanks a lot!