Saturday, January 06, 2007

Robert Talon wins $500,000 in NBC's "Identity"

On December 19, Robert Talon, a Filipino-American Loan Officer from Chula Vista, romped away with the $500,000 grand prize on the second episode of NBC’s newest game show “Identity” (Asian Journal).

Filipinos are really making waves in US television!

This reminded me though of some Filipinos featured in a local TV program who really takes the time and effort to join TV show contest. You can't say that it is easy money as getting picked to be a contestant is not as easy as it seems.


Anonymous said...

what a great show, filipinos should be very proud of robert's accomplishment...i know i am! good for him! the full episode is posted on for those who missed it!

Janette Toral said...

I wonder if that show will also brought to the Philippines. What do you think?