Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who is Dave Pasternack?

After reading this announcement and the debate that goes about it, I'm amazed as to how SEO competition is evolving. Let me start by saying that I'm not joining that contest.

To begin with, I don't know who Dave Pasternack is. (oh my....I should check out if he has a LinkedIn profile)

Running a search on Google shows that Dave Pasternack is the big boss in I'm not sure if the ThreadWatch contest is tantamount to a libel or defamation case and include those who joined the bandwagon.

Perhaps Dave Pasternack can take a break and come to the Philippines to join the Blog Parteeh (). Of course, that is assuming that Dave Pasternack will follow the requirements and get invited in time.

On the other hand, perhaps Dave Pasternack can consider looking at iBlog3!

Or perhaps Dave Pasternack can give me some advice on how to stabilize search engine ranking in Yahoo.

Ituloy AngSulong Dave Pasternack. Stay cool.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Janette,
I was prompted to respond to your article, "Who is Dave Pasternack?"

Well, I'm Dave Pasternack, and I appreciate the fact that you've elected not to participate in the contest.

I happen to know that a lot of people who went nuts when I wrote my opinion piece didn't actually deign to read the article (they just referenced each others' Blog posts). If they had read it, they would have noted the following passage:

"Smart marketers will continue to invest in SEO in a way that makes best sense to them, and the best SEO firms will remain in demand, because there remain thousands of commercial Web sites out there in need of basic search engine optimization."

Oh, the selective web we weave :)

Being targeted by the SEO Bloggers isn't much fun, but one of the nice things is dialoging more with legitimate SEO folks.

Dave Pasternack
Did-it Search Marketing

Janette Toral said...

Hello Dave. Thank you for taking time to respond to my blog post. I believe all of us are entitled to disagree with one another. Although to call out a contest with a major prize to help in getting the public's attention about it is another matter. I believe a lot of people didn't agree with it as the publicity generated about this contest hardly reached among local bloggers (which is rare especially when it comes to SEO related stuff). During the first week of my blog post, I hardly noticed any climb in Technorati for tags and blog posts with your name. On the good side, at least you are taking time to go around and communicate. Cheers and stay cool.