Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ramon Magsaysay Jr., Senator, Advocate

Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. was in Nepal lately and got interviewed by a journalist. The interview was most enlightening and full of humility on the part of the Senator.

Senator Magsaysay is serving his last term in the Philippine Senate. I'm honored to had the chance in working with him during the lobbying days for the Y2K Law and E-Commerce Law. He is also known for passing very important legislation, co-authored with other legislators, during his term such as:
  • Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 (RA 9160)
  • Electronic Commerce Law (RA 8792)
  • Ban on Hard Surfactants (RA 8970)
  • Magna Carta for Small and Medium Enterprises (RA 8289)
  • New Foreign Investments Act (RA 8179)
  • Mechanical Engineering Law (RA 8495)
  • Amending the Omnibus Investments Code -Regional Headquarters (RA 8756)
  • Jewelry Manufacturing Act (RA 8502)
That is in addition for very important provisions he introduced in numerous legislations today.
What I can't forget about the Senator is his friendliness, humility, and kindness. He is very approachable and makes everyone that he meet feel important. In short, he is a people-person, pang-masa talaga.

Although the Senator is known for wishing to rest after his term, may he inspire future Senators and the common Filipino to pursue advocacies that will push for transparent and fair governance, more opportunities for SMEs, and programs that will reduce poverty in the country.

In his own way, the Senator can be considered as a HERO for pushing for honest and responsible government. May his example of leadership serve as a model and humble us all.

Mabuhay Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr.!

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