Sunday, March 04, 2007

Joining GSIRT Philippines

The idea of organizing government security incident response team has always been an advocacy by friends in the law enforcement and IT security field. I've always been supportive but at times doubt the direction of such body will take.

Last February 21, I found myself in the meeting discussing possible activities of those who joined the Microsoft's Government Security Program. PNP CIDG's Colonel Gilbert Sosa took the lead in pushing for the creation of a GSIRT team that is currently a unit under group. We elected several persons at that time who can function as the interim team. I became part of that group and here's the officers' list:

President – Col. Gilbert Sosa

Vice-President – P/Sr Antonio Delgado

Secretary – Ms. Ollie Hulguin

Treasurer – Mr. Richard Paul Quinlog

Auditor – Janette Toral

Last Thursday, our group met again and decided on activities and services that GSIRT can offer from reactive, proactive, to other services within the government. There's also a need to be part of international group to formalize GSIRT's recognition internationally.

To raise the resources, we agreed to hold a Security Incident Response conference whose income will be utilized to faciliate the fees for international membership and buy resources needed to support GSIRT operations.

My spirit is high with this advocacy as its contribution possibility to the community has a lot of potential.

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