Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hospital horror stories

This is not new, I've seen a few bloggers who shared their personal experience in this area. However, what prompted me to blog this was after watching a story in the tv program "Imbestigador" - sharing a story about a patient potentially neglected by the hospital staff(s) that resulted to death.

Four years ago, I brought my son to the emergency room of the Philippine Children's Medical Center wanting to be sure that he doesn't have dengue. While waiting to be called, a child was brought to the hospital, who seem to live in the slums and claimed that a snake has bitten her.

A few minutes later, the child had an attack of sorts that prompted the staff(s) to give her a CPR. While doing it, another staff, who appears like a senior one in position, approached them and said something. They started laughing and had a quick hearty exchange of words.

Very shortly, the child died, and they began comforting the relative beside them then.

It was shocking. My son, confused, could only ask me, "bakit ganun sila?"

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