Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Level 35 in Granado Espada

Here's an update on our Granado Espada closed beta gaming experience. I should have posted this much earlier but so much stuff got in the way.
  • We joined the Ninja Monkey faction. Our family reputation is currently at 192. We need around 200 to be able to build your own faction.
  • If the enemy's name is written in white color, you get no EXP. If red, 40% of the original EXP. It is higher for orange, around 60% or 80% of the original EXP. Yellow is the best as you'll get all the EXP.
  • After the tainted quest, talk to Claude who will give you a challenge to defeat him. Unfortunately, at first, we had a hard time beating him as his one attack can hit you all three. If you are level 21, it will cause you 483 damage. His special skill or stance damages around 960 in one direction. Of course, we conquered him in the end.
  • We got into a lot of quest. Make sure that your squad is big when you enter the Tetra Ruins as the spawn rate is high.
  • We got into 29 duels and won 16 of them.
The closed beta will be done soon and our account will be wiped out. It is one unforgettable experience and hope to join more closed beta opportunities like this soon. I hope to meet some Granado Espada closed beta testers at iBlog3: the 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit.

Also, are you a DreamVille member? If yes, add me!
(P.S. Referring to the photo included here, our family is the one carrying that huge sword!!!)


abidubi said...

I want to join iBlog3, unfortunately I can't because of some issues.
Anyway, looking forwards for the coverage post on your upcoming event ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello Janette.

This has nothing to do with your post "Granado Espada", but this is the only way I can reach you. So, my aplogies for ruining your thread. Ma'am I read your piece about Ysagani Ybarra and I would really like to get in touch with him. I would appreciate it very much if you can give me his contact details (e-mail, cel# etc..) Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Be well,

Christine or

Hrin said...

Nice blog articles!

I like the way you listed them out in point form. Very concise. ;)