Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) launching - November 29

Hi everyone. I'm now at The Bed in Greenbelt 3 Makati City for the launching of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP). It is a great honor to be one of its founding directors.

Here's a backgrounder about the group.

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP)

Internet and mobile marketing remains to be at the infancy stage in the business environment in the Philippines. While the industry is experiencing rapid growth rates in North America and Europe, the opposite can be said here in the Philippines. The users of the two media in the country have grown tremendously through the years, with internet users numbering 9 million or 9% of the total population. Mobile users on the other hand, boast of a staggering 35 million users or 40% of the population. Both media have started off just around 10 years ago, and this growth rate experienced is faster compared to any of the traditional media in history.

Advertising and marketing play a vital role in the internet and mobile industry, as like any other media channel, the survival of internet and media companies rely on marketing for revenues. The explosion of internet companies like Google and Yahoo! has changed the way internet is used in marketing, and the same can be said on how telecom companies like Vonage or Verizon revolutionized mobile marketing. To date, web and mobile accounts for 10% of advertising spending in the US, and is expected to increase to 40-50% within the next couple of years in certain industries.

In the Philippines, marketing through the web has yet to take off. Last year, it is estimated that online ad spending would sum up to only P100 million, a measly 0.2% of the total advertising spending. Mobile shares the same fate, although while they are higher than web advertising, they are also a small percentage of the total ad mix.

The two new media internet and mobile, sometimes referred to as interactive or digital media, possess a wealth of opportunities for marketers to communicate directly with their customers. Unlike the traditional media television, radio or print where these media serve as channels for advertising placements, digital media provide marketers the opportunity to utilize technology to have a closer relationship with their customers as these media offer 24/7 communication and engagement, feedback mechanisms, and other CRM tools.

With the power of being digital and interactive, it goes without mentioning that the two marketing media, internet and mobile, at this stage of development, are very much underutilized and not given the appropriate attention. Both are seen as a techie-geeky tool, somewhat confined to only those who were nerdy enough to understand them, and very much underutilized in the marketing community.

It is because of this opportunity and need that companies that belong to the internet and mobile media have come together to form IMMAP, and embarked on working towards educating and providing the necessary digital tools for advertising and marketing professionals to make better communication decisions. It is believed that the two media will soon be utilized and used as complementary marketing tools to traditional media once advertising and marketing professionals understand how these can be used and optimized.


The vision of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) is to become the premier marketing association for internet and mobile organizations.


The mission of IMMAP is to spearhead the use of the internet and mobile to become recognized marketing mediums in the industry by:
  • Establishing a code of ethics and set of standards for the execution of internet and mobile marketing in the country
  • Providing the latest research and studies on the effectiveness of internet and mobile as marketing tools
  • Conduct presentations to advertising and marketing professionals regarding the power brought about by digital and interactive media
  • Develop camaraderie and share best practices among professionals in the digital and interactive industry
  • Create a monitoring and audit standard for market ranking and performance to allow better decision making for advertising and marketing professionals.
  • Growing the industry through the creation and management of global opportunities for members, and making the Philippines a global player in providing digital marketing services.
  • Recognizing excellence in the field of web and mobile marketing and advertising.


Membership of the IMMAP would be confined to organizations that offer the internet and mobile as marketing platforms to companies for use in communicating and interacting with their set of customers, or organizations that delivers a service to internet and mobile companies, or organizations that use the internet and mobile media as a platform for communicating to their stakeholders. These would include but not limited to:

  • Internet companies
  • Content providers
  • Media companies that operate a website
  • Web designers and developers
  • Mobile suppliers
  • Interactive media agencies
  • Interactive advertising agencies
  • Selected companies which used internet and mobile as platform to advertise and market its products, goods and services

To know more about IMMAP, visit its website at

My Christmas Shopping and Wish List for 2006

It will be a great idea to draft a very realistic Christmas shopping list or even a wish list for yourself. As we have club members selling so much stuff online, here are some stuff worth checking out:
  1. Mango wine (P480.00) - According to, this is the first Mango wine in the world!
  2. Chocolate goodies from - This IT teacher has finally made her baking hobby to a full-fledge business.
  3. Filipino Music from - An ideal gift to friends based overseas!
  4. Healthy Super Value Basket - markets gift baskets from Terry Selection. An ideal gift for VIPs!
  5. WOW Magic Sing Mabuhay 2006 Edition Videoke Microphone (Entertech ED-8000) - If you haven't really sang for a long time, perhaps this is one item worth investing. Have a life!
  6. Laptop cushion foam bag - Take care of that great friend, your laptop!
  7. Javanese Royal Bath - A great gift to prepare for that perfect date.

I'll update this list in the days to come as there are items also that are worth giving as a gift but does not come in tangible form like online services.

Ituloy AngSulong for a prosperous 2007!

FBI goes global in catching crooks online

The FBI now ranks cybercrime as its third priority behind terrorism and espionage. The Philippines must invest in the necessary resources, beyond legislation (as there are laws existent already), to meet the challenge.

Ituloy AngSulong against cybercrime!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Republic Act 8792 - E-Commerce Law of the Philippines

Republic Act 8792, or the Electronic Commerce Law was enacted last June 14, 2000. Efforts for its passage started as early as 1992 with the Electronic Evidence Act. The law defines Philippines policy on electronic transactions to enable the country’s players and consumers to actively participate in electronic trade.

The law provides:
  1. Legal recognition of electronic documents, electronic data messages, and electronic signatures;
  2. Guidelines for retention and storage of documents in electronic form;
  3. Recognition and validity of electronic contracts;
  4. Guidelines for use of transport documents in carriage of goods;
  5. A 2-year mandate for government to have the capability to transact its business electronically;
  6. The directive for the Department of Trade and Industry to function as the country’s e-commerce authority;
  7. The penalties to crimes such as hacking, cracking, and piracy offenses;
  8. Made banking transactions done through ATM switching networks absolute once consummated;
  9. Parties are given the right to choose the type and level of security methods that suit their needs;
  10. Mandates RPWeb, a strategy that intends to connect all government offices to the Internet and provide universal access to the general public, to be implemented;
  11. Made cable, broadcast, and wireless physical infrastructure within the activity of telecommunications;
  12. Provided guidelines as to when a service provider can be liable;
  13. All existing laws such as the Consumer Act of the Philippines also applies to e-commerce transactions.

Policies that have been released in 2006 that intends to support the implementation of the Electronic Commerce Law includes:

Learn more about e-commerce in the Philippines by getting the E-Commerce Workshop E-Book.

For a background on the law's legislative history, get a copy of the Philippine Internet Review: 10 Years of Internet History (1994-2004).

Two Filipino IT Experts Joins Panel to Pick the Strategic 100

MIS Asia regularly releases a Strategic 100 list. This is decided upon by a panel of judges where two of them are Filipinos. They are Allen Bacallan and Ronaldo Tan.

General Vote on Cha-Cha still 67% “NO”

Majority (67%) of Filipinos would still vote “No” if a plebiscite to approve a proposed new constitution were held today, unchanged since the previous quarter, according to the Third Quarter 2006 Social Weather Survey.

The Sept. 24 to Oct. 2 survey also found stronger opposition to proposed constitutional amendments to allow President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to become head of government even after 2010; create a unicameral legislature; extend the term limits of officials from 2007 to 2010 and hold schedule elections in 2010; let legislators elect the head of government; and lessen restrictions on foreign participation in the economy.

“No” votes remain dominant in all areas
A solid majority of 85% in Metro Manila will vote “No” in a plebiscite for a new constitution, similar to 83% recorded in the previous quarter.

The “No” vote is 68% in the rest of Luzon, 65% in Mindanao and 56% in the Visayas.
Four out of five (80%) of class ABC, 70% of class E and 64% of class D will also vote “No” if a plebiscite to approve a proposed new constitution were held today.

Opposition to specific amendment intensifies
Seven out of ten (69%) reject the idea of allowing President Arroyo to become head of government even after 2010, up from 44% recorded in March 2006.

Half (51%) oppose the idea of having only one chamber of Parliament elected in each district and from Party-list, up from 38% in March, implying that most Filipinos would rather continue having a Senate.

Majority (68%), compared to 50% in March, reject the idea of holding the next elections in 2010 and extending the terms of all officials.

Opposition to the idea of letting the head of government be elected by legislators instead of directly by voters likewise increased from 56% in March to 65% in September.

Two out of five (43%), compared to 25% in March, oppose lessening restrictions on foreign participation in the economy.

Survey Background
The Social Weather Surveys referred to in this release used face-to-face interviews of a national sample of 1,200 statistically representative households (300 each in Metro Manila, the Balance of Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao), from 240 geographical spots selected from all regions. Error margins of ±3% for national percentages and ±6% for regional percentages should be applied.

Ituloy AngSulong kontra sa madaliang charter change!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Giving gifts to friends based overseas

I often find myself wanting to send a gift overseas but don't want to go through the shipping complications that goes with it. This year, I'm contemplating of using Amazon for my Online Christmas Gift. This way, my friends will have the luxury to choose the kind of gifts that they want. Although my only worry is that would meant setting quite a high budget for each gift. Hmmm.....

Queenpanada for sale

It seems one of my former club member is now in the Queenpanada business. For those looking for Christmas gifts, this may be worth looking at.

Cheers Boogie!

Direct assault on Pacific Plans Inc.

I'm very surprised when I saw this article. The piece, in my interpretation or understanding, appeared as a direct assault on Pacific Plans Inc. I wonder what the newspaper has in mind.

Not that the article is bad but there are other pre-need companies not fulfilling their commitments. How come they were not mentioned as case studies too. Unless of course it is meant to be a series.

Hmm...never mind... I pray that the pre-need company where we signed up won't fall into the same peril.

Filipina workers' sufferings overseas

It is now common knowledge that majority of the Philippines overseas workers are women - Filipinas. Just to have a better life, these overseas workers work as domestic helpers and the likes overseas. However, when you hear disturbing news on how they are treated, the depression they go through, you really have to ask yourself - is this what we really want to be?

In Jordan, there are numerous incidents of suicide committed by overseas workers annually. A Filipina recently was thrown out of her employer's balcony after a struggle with a female employer who is trying to get her mobile phone.

Some also took on work that has great risk for their personal security. A Filipina recently vanished in Bahrain and have no contact with the family for so many years now. Worst, the families left here could hardly get their much needed assistance in recovering the assets of their missing relatives abroad. On the other hand, this is a reminder for us on preparing for the worst when saving our assets in financial institutions.

In exchange for the money, a growing number of young people are becoming mother-less and this has great consequences. What's worse, the government is seen to be even encouraging the deployment of more domestic helpers abroad through its super-maids campaign.

In the end, Filipinas always have a choice. Stay in the country and live life in poverty (especially true for those who don't have access to traditional entrepreneurial resources) or work abroad for chances of earning 3x or higher of one's current income.

I encourage you folks to include the overseas workers in your prayers. Perhaps the Church can include them, more than just our government, leaders, among others which are usually mentioned in the end part of a mass sermon.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong! Manny Pacquiao Destroys Morales!!!!

To the greatest Filipino sports icon ever, Manny Pacquiao once again made all Filipinos proud by winning his fight against Erik Morales. (Manny Pacquiao News Tracker)
Ituloy AngSulong Manny Pacquiao!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hot Videoke Challenge

Bitstop Network Services just launched a small pilot karaoke singing competition in Dagupan dubbed as the Hot Videoke Challenge.

Competition eliminations will be on January 6, 13, and 20, 2007. Grand finals will be on January 27. Check out the Hot Videoke Challenge rules for more info.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

PLUG: Audition sets up the stage at Hataw! Hanep! Hero!

Got this plug request.

Audition: Dance Battle, the latest online casual game released by e-Games Philippines, will prop up the stage and turn on the music for its grand launch at Hataw! Hanep! Hero! on November 18 and 19 at the World Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

As part of Hero TV’s anniversary affair, e-Games Philippines will treat its loyal gamers to an open beta test of Audition at the said event, giving them a preview on what to expect about the game, as well as other exciting contests and activities.

Audition: Dance Battle is the ultimate gaming experience for dance aficionados, who enjoy grooving to the beat of fun and funky dance hits. Not only does the game feature the hippest dance moves, gamers can also look forward to character customization as well as the trendiest animation and graphics that are sure to be eye candy material.

R U Worthy?

In anticipation for the open beta launch of the game, participants will be given the chance to have a limited five minutes access to play Audition within the e-Games booth. Simulated Audition backdrops will also be available for photo shoots. Those who will purchase prepaid cards will get a free photo shoot, as well as five minutes of gaming access to Audition.

e-Games will also have its own stage which will simulate the look and feel of the dance game, with the characters itself used as part of the stage design. They will also launch Audition: Dance Battle Contest, a showdown will test the prowess of dancing individuals with a two-stage, stepladder format (for elimination and final rounds). Great prizes and bragging rights await winners.

To kick up the activities a notch higher, the 2006 World Hip Hop Champions, All Stars will likewise make an appearance during the event to endorse the online dance game. Meanwhile, rock bands from EMI Records will play the hottest OPM hits for everyone.

The event also marks launch of the E-Games nationwide dance competition, which will be held in several SM malls. Participating students from various schools also stand a chance to win computers for their institutions. The contest will run from late November to January 2007. Prizes up for grabs include Samsung and Creative MP3s, cameras and cash prizes of up to PHP 5,000.

But there are more than just these exciting activities. Attendees can also expect to get their regular fix of RAN Online and O2Jam games in the e-Games booth. There will also be raffles for RAN and O2Jam premium items for lucky participants.

So if you think you’re up for the challenge, head to the World Trade Center in Manila this coming Saturday and Sunday and be prepared to Audition for the coolest online game to hit the local scene. Just present your e-Games prepaid card to enjoy all these activities and more.

For more information, visit

Ituloy AngSulong: My Bead Jewelry Hobby

My bead jewelry hobby started because of Mel Dominguez of Dominguez Marketing. After making a few pieces, the idea of putting up Bead Club Philippines came to life. Today, there are five of us making bead jewelries that are sold through friends and peers.

Although on my part, my bead jewelry crafting is highly influenced by Feng Shui and crystal astrology. It has been almost a year since I updated my Flickr with new photos. Looking at it will partly show how much of my style has changed.

If you want one to be made for you, just give your birthdate (and time of birth if possible). A customized bracelet usually cost P800 to P1500 - depending on the availability of stones. The package has a description of the stones and values that intends to remind us of. If with a necklace, I suggest adding P1500 to P3000.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Ituloy AngSulong Amazon aStore!

One thing I love about is that it never stopped creating new ways to retain the loyalty of affiliate members.

I just created my aStore and you are more than welcome to start shopping!

Kenneth Dingle is a Philippine Idol!

The competition night last Sunday was my first time to be emotionally involved in watching Philippine Idol. For the past weeks, I've seen how Kenneth Dingle has been put down and praised for his efforts and staying power in the competition.

However, what made last Sunday different is the way how one judge, DJ Mo, has handled himself and belittled the efforts of some finalists especially Kenneth Dingle. It is ok to be frank and honest in one's assessment. But for a person to do it that sounds so degrading and insulting is too much. I guess that reaction is also stirred from the viewers because of subconscious questions about his credibility. When he was lashing out those opinions, I can't help but ask, who is this person? is he a successful recording artist? or producer? or composer? has he ever been part of a major concert and have performed in big crowds? Most of the time, the answer that pops in my head is no. Perhaps that is why his manner of judging and reacting has been repulsive.

Take the case of Regine Tolentino the other week. She didn't claim to be an expert in singing but expresses that her forte is on dancing / production performances. Her comments are reflective of expertise and while one may not agree completely, her response is very much objective and credible.

Alas, Kenneth Dingle is already out of the competition. He exited winning the hearts of many people for his strength, humility, and resilience in dealing with sometimes harsh judges. His experience reflects a lot of us where instead of support, whatl we sometimes get in return for our efforts are degrading remarks. Sometimes, it reaches the point where our own worth as a person is the one being stepped upon.

He may not have won the Philippine Idol competition, but he has certainly become a Philippine idol for his attitude and strength as a person.

All the best to you Kenneth Dingle. Should you eventually become a recording artist, I will definitely buy your first album and even watch your first concert. Mabuhay ka!

Ituloy AngSulong!

Friday, November 10, 2006

'4 Seconds' as the New Threshold of Acceptability for Retail Web Page Response Times

According to Akamai and Jupiter Research, four seconds is the maximum length of time an average online shopper will wait for a Web page to load before abandoning one retail site and moving on to another.

Based on the feedback of 1,058 online shoppers that were surveyed during the first half of 2006, Jupiter Research offers the following analysis:
  • The consequences for an online retailer whose site underperforms include diminished goodwill, negative brand perception, and, most important, significant loss in overall sales.
  • Online shopper loyalty is contingent upon quick page loading, especially for high-spending shoppers and those with greater tenure.
  • JupiterResearch recommends that retailers make every effort to keep page rendering to no longer than four seconds.

The Jupiter Research report also states:

  • Roughly half of “mature” online shoppers – those with either two or more years tenure shopping online or that spend more than $1,500 annually – identify page loading time as one of their top priorities for online sites
  • Forty-six percent of online shoppers insist on a rapid checkout process, with 55 percent of shoppers spending $1,500 or more demanding the same
  • Sixty-five percent indicated they are likely to return to a site that is easy to navigate, particularly during the registration, log-in and checkout processes

Download the report today.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When do you need Public Relations Help?

I oftentimes get request for help from entrepreneurs and companies in promoting their products and events. If a product or event interest me, I will likely blog or write about it. However, that is how far can I go with it.

For companies who wanted more, such as being published in several newspapers, among others require a different type of help. That is of a public and media relations expert.

In the Philippines, there are several companies offering this service such as Dominguez Marketing, Fleishman Hillard, Perceptions, among others.

A PR and media expert services can vary. This may include the preparation of a media communications plan that is tied to your product releases and executive positioning. Writing press releases and distributing it is another. Some may also arrange press conferences and monitor news clippings that features you and/or your competitors.

Prices of services by PR firms can vary. However, if you have an aggressive product/service sales goal objectives, it may be good to invest in it and allot resources.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ituloy Angsulong First Take

Thanks to club member Manuel Viloria for citing us in his blog. Cheers!

O'Reilly gets into Crafts!

When I started BeadClubPhilippines last January, I thought I'm getting all too mellow and tired of high-tech stuff. Well, it seem crafts are hot! I'm happy and amazed to get a copy of Craft magazine that tackles a lot of neat projects, a great kinda-reverse and kinda-compliment to Make!

Perhaps I should make one of those electric tank top and battle chic.

Welcome Craft!

Globe Blues: G-Blog Spam, Forgotten Username, Missing eLoad

For the past few weeks, I've been getting a message from 281510 in my Globe prepaid phone notifying me of an anonymous message that I can download.

Yesterday, this entered my phone no less than 20 times. Worst, it violated NTC anti-text spam order that all message notifications should have an opt-out option.

Good thing a lady from Globe called me about Visibility and can't help but brought up this predicament. She advised me call 211. I did call but the person on the other line does not seem to recognize this 281510 service. I read through the message that gave instruction on how to access the message and instructed to be send to 2815.

Via Google, I found out that this is the G-Blog service. It seems this blog I created back in 2004 had 1 message in it offering phone sex. I can't login as the mobile number is no longer the user name for it in that site and in MyGlobe. Called 211 again and was advised to send an ALERT Off message to 2815. So far, it stopped.

Now, I have to call back again after 5 days to find out how can I deactivate my or reset my password in MyGlobe and G-Blog as I can't recall both username and password that I used there. This is in addition to my Missing eLoad predicament that not only happened once, but TWICE! (October 2 and 23)

I'm blue... :'(

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Business Travelers Leading Adoption to SmartPhones

Next-generation, richly featured handsets capable of both voice and high-speed data are still at the early stage of adoption, but are starting to win mindshare and regular usage among high-usage US business travelers, reports In-Stat.

According to a recent In-Stat survey, business travelers spending $300 per month or more on wireless, and business travelers on the road 30% of the time, are beginning to take to the new handsets.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

- Heavy business mobile users are consuming about a third of their total airtime via their secondary handsets.

- Challenges for next-generation mobile phone suppliers include market awareness, end-user resistance to change, and making the right technical design tradeoffs.

- The highest-spending business travelers averaged more than $450 per month spent on wireless services.

The research, "Road Warriors: High Usage US Mobile Workers" (#IN0602900MBM), covers the market for mobile communications services among US workers. It contains extensive analysis of the results of a July 2006 Web survey of US business people who travel for work. It includes insights into the habits of this demographic group regarding their use of various mobile communication devices and services.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Network Security Hacks, Second Edition

Andrew Lockhart just launched the 2nd edition of "Network Security Hacks" where he shares network security techniques and tools that have evolved rapidly to meet increasingly sophisticated threats.

It intends to provide updated, up-to-the-minute solution-based hacks for Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, and Mac OS X servers that not only enable readers to secure TCP/IP-based services, but helps them implement a good deal of clever host-based security techniques as

With "Network Security Hacks" (O'Reilly, US $29.99), readers get 125 concise, practical, industrial-strength hacks to learn how to:

-Use Snort in high performance environments with Barnyard
-Harden Linux, BSD, and Windows hosts against attack
-Detect, respond to, and recover from inevitable system compromises
-Set up virtual networks (honeypots) to divert and confuse attackers

Aimed at intermediate to advanced network administrators, "Network Security Hacks" provides a virtual pocketful of ready-to-grab solutions to everyday and unexpected networking problems. To paraphrase the late poet Robert Frost, "good fences make good neighbors, but a break requires a hack or two." With this invaluable book, security administrators get the
reconnaissance tools quick fixes they need for maintaining security along every virtual fencelines.