Thursday, November 02, 2006

Business Travelers Leading Adoption to SmartPhones

Next-generation, richly featured handsets capable of both voice and high-speed data are still at the early stage of adoption, but are starting to win mindshare and regular usage among high-usage US business travelers, reports In-Stat.

According to a recent In-Stat survey, business travelers spending $300 per month or more on wireless, and business travelers on the road 30% of the time, are beginning to take to the new handsets.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

- Heavy business mobile users are consuming about a third of their total airtime via their secondary handsets.

- Challenges for next-generation mobile phone suppliers include market awareness, end-user resistance to change, and making the right technical design tradeoffs.

- The highest-spending business travelers averaged more than $450 per month spent on wireless services.

The research, "Road Warriors: High Usage US Mobile Workers" (#IN0602900MBM), covers the market for mobile communications services among US workers. It contains extensive analysis of the results of a July 2006 Web survey of US business people who travel for work. It includes insights into the habits of this demographic group regarding their use of various mobile communication devices and services.

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