Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Filipina workers' sufferings overseas

It is now common knowledge that majority of the Philippines overseas workers are women - Filipinas. Just to have a better life, these overseas workers work as domestic helpers and the likes overseas. However, when you hear disturbing news on how they are treated, the depression they go through, you really have to ask yourself - is this what we really want to be?

In Jordan, there are numerous incidents of suicide committed by overseas workers annually. A Filipina recently was thrown out of her employer's balcony after a struggle with a female employer who is trying to get her mobile phone.

Some also took on work that has great risk for their personal security. A Filipina recently vanished in Bahrain and have no contact with the family for so many years now. Worst, the families left here could hardly get their much needed assistance in recovering the assets of their missing relatives abroad. On the other hand, this is a reminder for us on preparing for the worst when saving our assets in financial institutions.

In exchange for the money, a growing number of young people are becoming mother-less and this has great consequences. What's worse, the government is seen to be even encouraging the deployment of more domestic helpers abroad through its super-maids campaign.

In the end, Filipinas always have a choice. Stay in the country and live life in poverty (especially true for those who don't have access to traditional entrepreneurial resources) or work abroad for chances of earning 3x or higher of one's current income.

I encourage you folks to include the overseas workers in your prayers. Perhaps the Church can include them, more than just our government, leaders, among others which are usually mentioned in the end part of a mass sermon.

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