Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Network Security Hacks, Second Edition

Andrew Lockhart just launched the 2nd edition of "Network Security Hacks" where he shares network security techniques and tools that have evolved rapidly to meet increasingly sophisticated threats.

It intends to provide updated, up-to-the-minute solution-based hacks for Linux, Windows, OpenBSD, and Mac OS X servers that not only enable readers to secure TCP/IP-based services, but helps them implement a good deal of clever host-based security techniques as

With "Network Security Hacks" (O'Reilly, US $29.99), readers get 125 concise, practical, industrial-strength hacks to learn how to:

-Use Snort in high performance environments with Barnyard
-Harden Linux, BSD, and Windows hosts against attack
-Detect, respond to, and recover from inevitable system compromises
-Set up virtual networks (honeypots) to divert and confuse attackers

Aimed at intermediate to advanced network administrators, "Network Security Hacks" provides a virtual pocketful of ready-to-grab solutions to everyday and unexpected networking problems. To paraphrase the late poet Robert Frost, "good fences make good neighbors, but a break requires a hack or two." With this invaluable book, security administrators get the
reconnaissance tools quick fixes they need for maintaining security along every virtual fencelines.

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