Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kenneth Dingle is a Philippine Idol!

The competition night last Sunday was my first time to be emotionally involved in watching Philippine Idol. For the past weeks, I've seen how Kenneth Dingle has been put down and praised for his efforts and staying power in the competition.

However, what made last Sunday different is the way how one judge, DJ Mo, has handled himself and belittled the efforts of some finalists especially Kenneth Dingle. It is ok to be frank and honest in one's assessment. But for a person to do it that sounds so degrading and insulting is too much. I guess that reaction is also stirred from the viewers because of subconscious questions about his credibility. When he was lashing out those opinions, I can't help but ask, who is this person? is he a successful recording artist? or producer? or composer? has he ever been part of a major concert and have performed in big crowds? Most of the time, the answer that pops in my head is no. Perhaps that is why his manner of judging and reacting has been repulsive.

Take the case of Regine Tolentino the other week. She didn't claim to be an expert in singing but expresses that her forte is on dancing / production performances. Her comments are reflective of expertise and while one may not agree completely, her response is very much objective and credible.

Alas, Kenneth Dingle is already out of the competition. He exited winning the hearts of many people for his strength, humility, and resilience in dealing with sometimes harsh judges. His experience reflects a lot of us where instead of support, whatl we sometimes get in return for our efforts are degrading remarks. Sometimes, it reaches the point where our own worth as a person is the one being stepped upon.

He may not have won the Philippine Idol competition, but he has certainly become a Philippine idol for his attitude and strength as a person.

All the best to you Kenneth Dingle. Should you eventually become a recording artist, I will definitely buy your first album and even watch your first concert. Mabuhay ka!

Ituloy AngSulong!

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Thank you so much. Appreciate your support. God Bless.