Friday, November 03, 2006

Globe Blues: G-Blog Spam, Forgotten Username, Missing eLoad

For the past few weeks, I've been getting a message from 281510 in my Globe prepaid phone notifying me of an anonymous message that I can download.

Yesterday, this entered my phone no less than 20 times. Worst, it violated NTC anti-text spam order that all message notifications should have an opt-out option.

Good thing a lady from Globe called me about Visibility and can't help but brought up this predicament. She advised me call 211. I did call but the person on the other line does not seem to recognize this 281510 service. I read through the message that gave instruction on how to access the message and instructed to be send to 2815.

Via Google, I found out that this is the G-Blog service. It seems this blog I created back in 2004 had 1 message in it offering phone sex. I can't login as the mobile number is no longer the user name for it in that site and in MyGlobe. Called 211 again and was advised to send an ALERT Off message to 2815. So far, it stopped.

Now, I have to call back again after 5 days to find out how can I deactivate my or reset my password in MyGlobe and G-Blog as I can't recall both username and password that I used there. This is in addition to my Missing eLoad predicament that not only happened once, but TWICE! (October 2 and 23)

I'm blue... :'(

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