Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When do you need Public Relations Help?

I oftentimes get request for help from entrepreneurs and companies in promoting their products and events. If a product or event interest me, I will likely blog or write about it. However, that is how far can I go with it.

For companies who wanted more, such as being published in several newspapers, among others require a different type of help. That is of a public and media relations expert.

In the Philippines, there are several companies offering this service such as Dominguez Marketing, Fleishman Hillard, Perceptions, among others.

A PR and media expert services can vary. This may include the preparation of a media communications plan that is tied to your product releases and executive positioning. Writing press releases and distributing it is another. Some may also arrange press conferences and monitor news clippings that features you and/or your competitors.

Prices of services by PR firms can vary. However, if you have an aggressive product/service sales goal objectives, it may be good to invest in it and allot resources.

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