Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manipulation: Black PR, Sensational Journalism, Propaganda in Social Media

Are these still familiar with you? Big Bad Blogger. Davao Judge Shoots the Sheriff. Yes to Life, No to Mining. Lopez Group on DBP Loans. What these articles or titles have in common? They are all discussed in the media and / or blogosphere where the presentation sometimes gets skewed to the point it confuses the reader.

Correcting mistakes online
I think media people and bloggers have a greater accountability, more than ever, on what they publish online as it gets subjected to public scrutiny where people can react.

My experience on the "Davao Judge Shoots the Sheriff" piece made me realize the following:
  1. Inquirer takes online reaction seriously and responds respectfully to their readers. The resolution, even though took a bit longer than expected, was still at its best, rather than no reaction at all.
  2. News can be corrected online. However, as the error is in the article title and sub-title, Inquirer deleted the original article and replaced with the new one.
  3. Inquirer also agreed with the request of having the url address of the old article point to the new one.
The news section of Inquirer gave far better response in comparison to handling of the irresponsible column piece - Big Bad Blogger.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Who will have the "Oh Wow" Factor at IMMAP Open Mic Night?

On Wednesday, November 10, the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines will stage the IMMAP Open Mic Night at Craft, the Fort Strip at 7PM. I am very happy to have support this as IMMAP board member Paul John M. Peña of Leo Burnett has creatively put up this event with all the coolness factor in.

As IMMAP’s version of the Japanese concoction that is Pecha Kucha (chitchat) Night, this pioneer event promises surprises at every chance. Pecha Kucha is an activity that started in 2003 and now a global activity held in over a hundred countries.  In the Philippines, Pecha Kucha Night is a thriving annual event organized by agency creatives.

The event will have twenty speakers, twenty slides (or a slide each), and at twenty seconds per slide.  More or less, each speaker will have no more than 7 minutes. It will be intriguing to see which one will be able to do this perfectly.

Each speaker was also chosen through an online nomination and voting process.

The main question I have in my head now - who can "oh wow" the audience in 20 seconds?

Folks that I will eagerly watch out for are DigitalFilipino Club members: managing director, Chimes Digital Marketing Solutions and business director of Wunderman Chay Mondejar-Saputil and Google Inc. Philippines Country consultant Aileen Apolo-de Jesus. Of course, Globe Telecom social media manager, video blogger and genius Coy Caballes. 

Look forward hearing what Yahoo! Philippines ‘Pitong Pinoy’, actress, writer, activist, linguist and environmentalist, Anna Oposa has to say as well. (She spoke at the recent Mindanao Bloggers Summit.) Fresh face with great ideas in mind. Not to forget TV5 head of digital Carlo Ople, CTO of ArcusIT Jojo Colina, as well as blogger, philanthropist, new media advocate and online community organizer Jay Jaboneta.

Other speakers also include recent NYSE-lister, Groupon Philippines CEO and yoyo master Pat Cuartero, blogger, SMART Communications consultant, AIM lecturer, UNO magazine tech writer and editor Jayvee Fernandez, musician, producer, educator, writer, television personality, workshop facilitator, and activist Jim Paredes, founder, as well as CEO and chief creative director of ad agency ideasXmachina Third Tres Domingo.

Add to that list, founder and CEO of digital storytelling company Ripple 100 Andre Yap, photographer, creative director of The Lighthouse Fashion Studio and AIDS/HIV awareness activist Niccolo Cosme, digital marketing executive for Nestlé Philippines Ricky Baizas, managing director ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. Ernie Lopez, managing director, and Celeste Prize Europe award-winning contemporary artist Nasser Lubay.

Hosting IMMAP Open Mic Night is blogger, radio jock and host of TekTok TV Vince Golangco. Knowing how fun Vince is as a host, I am sure this event will rock. Vince's biggest challenge is that the event run time with 20 speakers will be like 140 minutes excluding introductions and thank you(s). Hope the audience energy will be sustained up to the 20th presentor.

IMMAP likes diversity so being a digital marketeer is not a requirement for entry, so for IMMAP Open Mic Night, it’s free admission for both members and non-members alike. IMMAP Open Mic Night is an earnest attempt, and with far-reaching kindness and support from major brands, industry affiliates, true friends and volunteers, it’s the green light for this groundswell event.

See you folks at the IMMAP Open Mic Night event!

(P.S. I also have a small contest for this specific event only and will announce the winner during the event. Hope you can join!)