Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't compromise your Twitter account by sending same message to multiple people publicly

This past week, I reported and blocked 3 personal Twitter accounts for sending me a spam message. This is when "replies" are used to send the same message to multiple people via Twitter.
twitter_spam, originally uploaded by ecblogger.

I don't mind receiving plugs once in awhile. However, if I open the sender's Twitter feed and all I see is the same message sent to multiple folks, I perceive that as spamming.

Here's what I suggest to avoid getting your Twitter account or you tagged as a spammer:

1. Use direct message.

If the person you are sending a message to is also a follower, best to send them a direct message.

Then add a follow-up message that you are doing it as a one-time plug and disclose if needed (like you are joining a contest or hired to send such one-time message).

By personalizing it, the person can even do you a favor of sharing (or re-tweeting) your message, among others. You might even get a prospective client referral.