Monday, July 29, 2019

The 3 Must-Have Before Someone Buys From You

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If you are marketing a new product or service to a prospect who hardly knows you, it is not easy to get a quick buy-in especially if the person has a lot of options.

However, if what you are doing right now is something that you will specialize in over the long term, I believe the following are a must.

#1 Invest in yourself. 

Your clients will need to buy into you as a leader. You need to show that you are passionate about what you do and not just after a quick buck.

Share what you are doing to grow yourself as a specialist, expert, and as a leader, in your field.

Improve yourself as a communicator, speaker, salesperson, leader, and coach. The more equipped you are, the more you will be capable of building your momentum.

#2 Increase your influence. 

Your prospects will need to buy into your vision and what you stand for.

Form win-win partnerships and alliances with people who can help you reach out to a bigger market rather than doing everything on your own.

#3 Build momentum. 

Create competitive products and services that can add value and help your clients realize their targets.

You will need to have a sequence of activities, programs, projects, products, service, events, in the pipeline. Each one will help build momentum to the next one.

When you stop mid-way and try reactivating again, remember that you already lose momentum and need to start over again.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Get a FREE SEO Site Audit Report

With many folks asking for advice on their SEO challenges, I decided to provide a free SEO Audit report that will give a basic overview of your challenges. Just fill in the details here and the report will be sent to you.

I use SEMrush to work on my websites as I just went through the process of enabling SSL and migrating my site to a new web hosting service. It has been a challenge actually since I have the main site and 4 sub-domains. However, with patience, monitoring, and carrying out the fixes, I am sure my site will be ok soon.

The SEMrush service also gives suggestions on what you can improve in the areas of content marketing, advertising, and social media. They also have online learning resources and certification exams that you can use to learn and validate your skills.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Hack Attacks on Bitcoin-Traded Platforms on the Rise

As Bitcoin surges to an all time high of US$16,000, the number of hack attacks being experienced by platforms causes uncertainty among users.

Nicehash hacked
For instance, popular Bitcoin mining community - Nicehash became a subject of a hack attack. The site is now on hold and the platform is asking users to change their passwords.

Hexabot BTC glitch
Last December 5, popular lending platform Hexabot experienced a BTC glitch where users suddenly have 11 BTC in their accounts. New user registrants find themselves having withdrawable balances. The said issue reminded me of what happened to Exodus Wallet two months ago where some users find themselves having 18 BTCs in their account although not necessarily usable.

These attacks causes these sites to go down while doing the necessary damage repair. Especially with many users trying to withdraw the bitcoins received in their account. And if the damage is irreparable, it can result to permanent shutdown.

These attacks serve as an important reminder to cryptocurrency owners to take care of their digital assets. Use the necessary security layers to protect your accounts.