Saturday, October 24, 2015

Join the Lazada Affiliate Online Revolution Competition

Last October 22, Lazada Philippines launched the Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution (LAOR) where I got the chance to share the online lead generation framework along with Mannix Pabalan of Hashtag Digital who gave affiliate marketing strategies.

Lazada Philippines Affiliate Program

Current individual Lazada affiliate members, mostly bloggers and social media specialists, can earn up to 10% commission for referred sales to the site.

You will also see these affiliates carrying the "Lazada Accredited Affiliate" badge on their site for proper disclosure to its readers.

Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution

The Lazada Philippines Affiliate Online Revolution is a contest giving recognition to the best performers in its community.

As the November 11 and December 12 online revolution sale nears, the LAOR competition is a good opportunity for bloggers and affiliate marketers to put their digital marketing skill set to the test.

The Lazada Affiliate Online Revolution will run for two months. Round 1 will be from October 26 to November 22, 2015. The 2nd round will be from November 23 to December 20, 2015.

Apart from commissions, top 13 to 58 performers can compete for bonus incentives. These top performers will be recognized in a special awards ceremony this January 2016.

"These winners can proudly claim as one of the best e-commerce affiliate marketers in the Philippines after this competition."

Affiliates wanting to join or know more about this competition can e-mail

Adding affiliate links and codes on your website

For affiliates, you can logon to the Lazada Affiliates site to start creating your links and add to your websites. (If you are not an affiliate yet, visit Lazada affiliate page and sign-up.)


Check the Lazada Affiliate Program Starter Kit and YouTube page as well for short 1 to 2 minutes tutorials. Some of them are:

Deep links

Product widget

Email newsletter


Conversions don't happen overnight. It takes time as you gradually need to introduce your readers to your Lazada related content. Here are some ideas:

  1. Match your affiliate ads with the kind of content and audience patronizing your website.
  2. If you already have an active blog, you can update your popular blog post and add deep links. Then re-share them.
  3. Build your authority on the topic you want to niche in. Users who value your content will appreciate your product recommendations. Create a content calendar to plan your postings.
  4. Be consistent in posting useful content. You can start with topics close to your heart or profession.
  5. Be disciplined on how you promote your content or your affiliate links. When using social media, use links, images, and videos. Email marketing can be helpful too.
  6. Depending on how serious you are with your online business, advertising your blog post, social media presence (and your affiliate links), to gain more readership can be considered too.
  7. Use your social media scheduling feature to carry out your content sharing.


Oftentimes, newbies get intimidated with affiliate marketing and unsure on how to go about it. Hence, I decided to create a learning program to help the newbies out.