Thursday, August 28, 2014

Join Lancaster New City Lead Generation Network

(Postscript: This program ran from July 2014 to November 30, 2014. Congratulations to all the winners recognized last December 2014!)

Last July 29, I wrote a blog post about the "framework for an SEO lead generation network". This idea was inspired from the various SEO competition that I got to participate in and where this blog was also used for that purpose.

As announced last July 12 in our SEO Lead Generation Conference, I am very glad that Lancaster New City Cavite supported this project and expressed their interest to be the first company to try it out - creating their own lead generation network in the process.

As the past few weeks have been hectic in organizing the group, among other activities, I am finally blogging about this inviting content creators who may be interested to take part.

1. What is Lancaster New City Lead Generation Network?

Answer: It is a program for content creators who would like to earn income through lead generation. Content creators develops content (such as a blog post) that has information about Lancaster New City where readers interested can fill-up a form to learn more. Each person who fills-up a form and is deemed as valid shall be considered a "lead".

2. How can a content creator join?

Answer: I am currently the point of contact for this project for initial set-up. Just send me a private message with your blog url, social media profile links, and contact number. If you are qualified, I will give you a call for an initial chat discussion and will discuss the process from there.

Once the set-up is finished, Lancaster New City will have a new point of contact and shall continue the program.

3. How can lead generators earn?

Answer: As the program is not open to the public at large, it can't be posted here. However, what i can share - in its first run, it is set-up in a competition model where top performers are recognized for their efforts.

4. As Lancaster New City is a real estate company, are lead generators required to sell? How are they different from real estate agents and brokers selling it?

Answer: No. The role of lead generators is to only generate leads through their content (which usually a blog post). A form gets inserted on their write-up where readers who are interested to learn more can fill-up requesting for more info.

Lancaster New City, in turn, contacts them through its network of accredited real estate agents and brokers.

Only PRC registered real estate agents and brokers who has an agreement with Lancaster New City can sell.

5. Do lead generators get a copy of any leads that gets coursed through the form on their site?

Answer: No. Any information received from the lead generation forms goes to Lancaster New City directly. Lead Generators don't get a copy of it.

We recognize that any information receive through their form is only for the purpose of wanting to know more information about Lancaster New City. That information should not be used for anything else and therefore not shared to lead generators.

This is also to protect lead generators who function as "personal information processors" in the Data Privacy Act. Limiting their exposure to liability under the law by not giving them access to lead data.

6. Are lead generators required to "disclose" their relationship with Lancaster New City Cavite?

Answer: All lead generators who have signed an agreement with Lancaster New City Cavite has an "accredited online lead generator" logo on their content created.

This is to ensure that there is proper disclosure and transparency on why the lead generator is writing content about Lancaster New City Cavite.

7. Apart from the lead generation network, how does Lancaster New City Cavite promote its properties?

Through its company, Profriends, who advertises on radio, television, and online. It also has a roster of real estate agents and brokers who promotes the property as well for purposes of selling.

8. If your lead generators receives complaints or issues on Lancaster New City Cavite, what do they do about it?

This is raised to Lancaster New City Cavite requesting for clarification.

9. Are lead generators required to pay taxes?

Appropriate tax will be deducted from their earnings with proper documentation that they can use in their annual tax filing.

10. In this competitive market, various white, grey, and black hat techniques may be used to discredit or harass you or your lead generators, how do you intend to protect them? How will you handle it?

Answer: All lead generators are transparent in what they do in this program by having the accredited online lead generator logo and their identity posted on their content pages.

I am doing this with the intent of developing a lead generation program that can be tapped by various industries and give income generating opportunities to content creators who will join the network as lead generators.

Any malicious insinuation, data privacy violation, slander, cybercrime, and any other form of cyber-bullying or harassment that takes place in offline or electronic form against our lead generators and this program shall be acted upon using all ethical and legal remedies.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Framework for an SEO Lead Generation Network

My experience in joining an SEO competition back in 2006 pave the way for the creation of my first blog network. It opened new opportunities and got clients in this field - as blogs play an important role in the whole search engine ranking equation.

As the search engine algorithm improves, ranking is now influenced by the user's surfing behavior, satisfaction experience, and the response received by each content generated. Having a relevant and sustained campaign is a must. However, its accompanying cost needs clear returns as well.

In doing digital marketing campaigns, companies do many things with the hope of getting leads and customers. Bloggers, social media specialists, and SEO professionals get engaged every now and then in this exercise. But everyone is almost doing the same thing. 

If you are new, the market has become competitive and tough to get a high value contract as some really drop their prices. 

For bloggers, other sources of income comes in the form of joining ads and affiliate programs. However, its laid back nature where you can work at your preferred time often yields to frustration later on when earnings are very slow to come or low in value.

For companies, implementing affiliate networks is usually a slow process as most bloggers would want to be compensated for the preliminary work. Working with SEO professionals, their impact are usually short term unless they are engaged on a long term. In some cases, companies even get penalized depending on the practices done by the SEO professional who worked on their sites.

As an educator in this field, I believe SEO, blogging, content marketing, social media promotion can be done differently. It can be outsourced not just to one - but to many. Those who perform the best, gets a fee commensurate to their results.

This is where the idea of an SEO Lead Generation Network came into play. Glad we got a first client who agreed to do a project with us to put this network to the test.

The Framework I am putting into play is comprised of the following:


  1. Launch client's SEO Lead Generation Network through an education event getting all invited participants to a seminar and receive updates in this field.
  2. Invite prospective lead generators to join the network.
  3. Review and sign agreement.
  4. Brief members on campaign and its progress.


  1. Disseminate materials.
  2. Disseminate lead form code after content approval. Code and system used must be able to capture IP address and source url where the form gets filled up.
  3. Monitor content entries.
  4. Verify identity and validate interest of each lead.
  5. Update leaderboard.


  1. Announce cut-off top players. Ideally there should be at least 3 rounds to drive the competitive momentum.
  2. Gather top performers in a recognition event.
  3. Give recognition awards.
Each campaign must be competition style to challenge participants to bring their best game on the table.

Parties (bloggers, social media specialists, email marketers, SEO professionals, content marketers) interested in joining this experimental project can send me a private message with the following:
  • What work do you do?
  • Websites to showcase your work.
  • Number where you can be reached.
For this 1st client project, I will be accepting members from now till October 7, 2014 (as the 3rd and last round starts on October 8, 2014).

Monday, July 21, 2014


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