Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong: My Bead Jewelry Hobby

My bead jewelry hobby started because of Mel Dominguez of Dominguez Marketing. After making a few pieces, the idea of putting up Bead Club Philippines came to life. Today, there are five of us making bead jewelries that are sold through friends and peers.

Although on my part, my bead jewelry crafting is highly influenced by Feng Shui and crystal astrology. It has been almost a year since I updated my Flickr with new photos. Looking at it will partly show how much of my style has changed.

If you want one to be made for you, just give your birthdate (and time of birth if possible). A customized bracelet usually cost P800 to P1500 - depending on the availability of stones. The package has a description of the stones and values that intends to remind us of. If with a necklace, I suggest adding P1500 to P3000.

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