Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Christmas Shopping and Wish List for 2006

It will be a great idea to draft a very realistic Christmas shopping list or even a wish list for yourself. As we have club members selling so much stuff online, here are some stuff worth checking out:
  1. Mango wine (P480.00) - According to, this is the first Mango wine in the world!
  2. Chocolate goodies from - This IT teacher has finally made her baking hobby to a full-fledge business.
  3. Filipino Music from - An ideal gift to friends based overseas!
  4. Healthy Super Value Basket - markets gift baskets from Terry Selection. An ideal gift for VIPs!
  5. WOW Magic Sing Mabuhay 2006 Edition Videoke Microphone (Entertech ED-8000) - If you haven't really sang for a long time, perhaps this is one item worth investing. Have a life!
  6. Laptop cushion foam bag - Take care of that great friend, your laptop!
  7. Javanese Royal Bath - A great gift to prepare for that perfect date.

I'll update this list in the days to come as there are items also that are worth giving as a gift but does not come in tangible form like online services.

Ituloy AngSulong for a prosperous 2007!

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