Saturday, March 03, 2007

Toral Family enters Granado Espada

Finally, I got the chance to pick up the CD yesterday and join the close beta of Granado Espada. There's at least five of us in the family who agreed playing alternately with the intent of fully exploiting the game.

When preparing for this game, one of the concerns that we had is our Internet connection. Good thing I'm testing Globe 3G at this time using the Huawei E220 USB modem. So far, we've been playing well using this as our primary Internet connection.

As far as Granado Espada is concern, day 1, we've learned the following:
  • It is a challenge to play with it due to numerous controls.

  • As we're just starting, it will take some time to master what each character is capable of. So far we're playing elementalist, wizard, and fighter.

  • The fun thing about it is that it is easy to move or level up.

  • There are also items that can be found to heal yourself while playing.

  • On some dungeons, it is best to partner with other players as the opponents are very strong.

More updates on this one next time. The kids are playing! We're now level 15!

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