Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blog tag: 5 things people don't usually know about me

I just got tagged by Joel Yuvienco and Marc Macalua on this. I will follow Marc's version to make it more exciting.

Five things people don't usually know about me.
  1. I only finished third year high school and passed the Philippine Examination Placement Test that gave an equivalent high school diploma.
  2. I was Miss STI Kalookan in 1988.
  3. I used to be a church choir singer. One member had a pub and ask me to try singing there (since I was looking for a part time job). 15 songs a night, 4 times a week, good money but had to stop after two weeks as relatives were against it.
  4. My first article appeared in PC World Philippines back in September 1995.
  5. I was the youngest Chief Operating Officer for STI Taytay. I was 19 then.

I also tagged other folks here and hope they'll do the same by sharing 5 things people don't usually about them. Let me know once you've done it so I can link it here.

Tag: JJ Disini, Atty. Fred Pamaos, Manuel L. Quezon III, Peter Laviña, Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, Anton De Leon, Mike Abundo, Dr. Ronald Meinardus, Atty. Noel Oliver Punzalan, Atty. Marvin Aceron, Atty. Bong Dizon, Lionel Gonzaga, Dean Alfar, Jonas Diego, Zarah Gagatiga, Atty. Ma. Elena Cardinez, Abe Olandres, J Angelo Racoma, Charo Nuguid, Ernesto Sonido Jr., Ellen Tordesillas, Erwin Oliva, Manuel Viloria, Pocholo Gonzales, Brian Ligsay, Abby Ongyanco Lim, Aileen Apolo, Fernando Martirez, Jaeyoun Kim, Ma. Regina Bundang, Maoi Arroyo, Sacha Chua, Stephanie Caragos, Jay Frank De Jesus, Joan Piñon, Miguel Paraz

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