Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ituloy AngSulong and Running an SEO Competition

Earlier, I gave my initial thoughts about the Ituloy AngSulong contest and why I joined.

I first joined a keyword campaign of sort with the Filipina awareness movement. The idea then is to have as many site as possible to use the keyword Filipina, so that porn and dating sites won't dominate the 1st page of search engines when someone queries Filipina.

Lately, I suggested to JJ Disini about the possibility of coming up with a keyword campaign of sort for iBlog3 (The 3rd Philippine Blogging Summit) happening in 2007.

Should that proceed, these are the things that I will take note of based on my experience with Ituloy AngSulong.
  • There should be a sign-up cut-off date. If there's no cut-off date, others may safely tend to work on their entry, without any commitment, and once their site is penetrating search engine rankings - where they are almost certain of winning something, that is the only time they'll join.
  • Sponsors link must be up right from the start. There's no requirement right now that the sponsor's link must be up at the moment one signs-up. There's a possibility for entries who will not post sponsor links immediately. If they are sure of winning already, one can have the option of just posting the link a day before the awarding and there's nothing in the rules that will penalize or disqualify them from that. This creates uncertainty to those who complied with the rules right from the start whether to take the same action. Combine this with no sign-up cut-off date, the playing field may not appear even and fair immediately.
  • Separate division for old domain and new domain. If necessary, of course if you have ample budget for prizes. Then have an overall winner.
Of course, these are just ideas...

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