Saturday, January 06, 2007

Born to Dance by Bigfoot Entertainment

Last month, I was in Cebu to interview Michael Gleissner for the second season of the Podcast (which went online early this week).

There was a celebration that evening (for he is now a Filipino citizen) and part of the activity is to watch an upcoming show, "Born to Dance" by Bigfoot Entertainment.

I'm not sure when will this go live and be seen on television. The competition features dance pairs and showing what they are capable of at the dance floor. It is great to see lots of Filipinos getting into this dance sport and getting international attention as well. I can't wait for this program to go live on TV soon.
I also got a tour of the International Academy for Film and Television. Their curriculum is so impressive and it made me felt like just wanting to take a break and study there for a year. Or send your kid there to study if you can afford to. They have a one-year course in film-making and another one-year course on acting.

It is great to see new developments like this that really puts the Philippines on the map. Beyond call centers and business process outsourcing, Filipino talents can shine greater through initiatives like this.
Ituloy AngSulong Bigfoot and Michael Gleissner!

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