Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Appreciating Councilor Atty. Bong Liban

Earlier today, I went to the office of Councilor Atty. Bong Liban to avail of the free notarization services that he is offering to District 2 Quezon City constituents.

The kind person who handled my papers just asked me to log my basic info (mobile number, name, and barangay) and have the documents notarized. Not to abuse the free service, I brought a fruitcake that can be shared as snack.

When my hubby told me about this last night, we agreed that such free service already made the vote you cast on the person well worth it.

I hope Councilor Liban will consider blogging in the near future. As Quezon City packages itself as the ICT Capital of the Philippines, its government officials should demonstrate their being tech-savvy by embracing it. Blogging can be a good start.

Davao City Councilor Peter Lavina is one gentleman who was able expand his constituency through his blogging activities. Kudos to Davao City for having zero casualty (for fireworks related injuries) last New Year celebration.

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