Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Test the First Portable PC X Server - X-Win32 Flash

StarNet Communications sent emails yesterday disseminating its latest innovation in PC X server solutions with X-Win32 Flash. It claims to be the industry's first PC X server that runs from a standard USB flash drive.

X-Win32 Flash allows users to install the PC X server onto a USB drive, plug it into any Windows PC and immediately access applications on remote Unix and Linux servers. Nothing is installed on the host PC and nothing remains when the USB device is removed.

X-Win32 Flash will retail at US$225.00 per license.

X-Win32 Flash is delivered via electronic download. Customers can also order X-Win32 Flash pre-installed and licensed on USB drives ranging from 1 to 4 Giga Bytes and prices starting at $295.

PC X servers are used by millions of electrical and mechanical engineers, software developers, network and server administrators and others who use their Windows-based computers to access applications residing on powerful Linux and Unix servers.

Here is how you can test X-Win32 Flash:

1) Plug a USB key with at least 50MB of storage space into your PC.

2) Go to and enter this Flash Eval License (good to Feb. 28): 1690094-4899

3) After downloading the Flash files to your PC desktop, just double click the icon on your desktop. Flash uses a self-extracting installation script that will automatically install Flash onto the USB drive you have plugged in.

4) After the installation is complete, open the USB drive and double click the X-Win32 Flash icon. Use the above license key to enable Flash, then set up your sessions!

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