Friday, April 03, 2009

Dining for one at a Japanese restaurant - Teriyaki Boy

Being a freelancer, I sometimes find myself alone after a workshop or class. Before, I would call a friend or sister and invite one for dinner especially on the last day. But during my blogging workshop series last February, got tied up over chat about the search engine marketing seminar in Urdaneta City University and decided to dine alone after.

There is something about a Japanese restaurant that makes it an attractive hang-out to dine alone. At that time, the nearest one, that was also quiet, was Teriyaki Boy (Paseo de Roxas corner Legaspi St., beside Starbucks, Makati City).

My typical dining for one food choices would include any of the following:
  • Mixed sashimi (if none available, tuna or salmon will do)
  • Japanese fried rice
  • Gyoza
  • House tea
  • Plum wine (only get to try this abroad. Rarely available in local ones.)
  • Fruit shakes
When I was at Teriyaki Boy, had gyoza, Japanese fried rice, and avocado shake. I actually ordered for tuna sashimi also but it wasn't processed. Good thing it was't included in my billing either. That saved me on a diet and money perspective. I usually keep quiet when a food ordered was not served and check if it gets included in the bill after I'm done. lol!

I must admit though that the sashimis served in local Japanese restaurants no longer excite me, even at the more expensive spots. Whenever in Australia, I get my Japanese food fix at Cherry Blossom. This is a small eatery oftentimes found outside a supermarket and really enjoy their servings.