Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Buy & sell Twitter post through 3rd party: Magpie

Last year, I made a blog post about an April Fool's Joke - PayPerTweet. Its possibility as a service was inevitable. Today, Magpie offers an opportunity for Twitter users to monetize their accounts by allowing the site to post an ad tweet.

Advertisers can sign up with Magpie and do the following:
  • can create a conversational-tone campaign that gets twitted (in an automated manner) by Twitter users who are part of the network.

  • based on keywords used by the advertiser, the system automatically matches the twitter users who also post based on those keyword topics.

  • set a budget. By default, campaigns on a per view basis although other arrangements can be made like per sale, per lead, among others.
Twitter users can either automatically approve all ads or manually approve them. Fees are earned through per view, per click, per sale, per lead, among others. In my case, I prefer per view.

Once your earned fees reached 50 euros, this can now be transferred to your Paypal account. Another option is to re-purpose the credits and place ads.

When joining this service, I kept the following as setting:
  • Ads only appear after the 10th post. Since I don't twit extensively, I avoid the scenario where my account displays an ad on a daily basis.

  • Don't remove the prefix declaring the twit as an advertisement.

  • Be relevant in one's twitter post and interact with others. Otherwise your twitter account will lose value and may even lose followers.