Friday, April 17, 2009

Buy & sell blog advertising through 3rd party - Blogsvertise

Blogsvertise is an interesting blog advertising platform for advertisers who wants options and assistance such as:
  • Be able to post blog reviews, homepage text link, and homepage banner opportunities.

  • Purchase campaigns on a fix rate of US$20 per blog. Blogsvertise will match up the requirement to bloggers and do the necessary placement.

  • Advertisers who wants more control and choose where to place ads can request their account to be upgraded to power user. Cost per blog can vary from US$4 to US$50 per post.

  • Advertisers can pay through credit card and Paypal.
Bloggers on the other hand are given 5 days to accept or decline an ad assignment. If accepted, the completed work must be given during the same period.

Payment is also given 30 days after the assignment is completed. Of all the blog advertising networks I have joined, my highest decline rate is with this one. (5 reasons why I decline blog post assignments) Despite the challenge, I still find this network very much worthy to be in.