Thursday, April 09, 2009

Buy & sell banner image ads through 3rd party - Project Wonderful

As an ad buyer and seller, experimenting with various online advertising programs allowed me to offer options to clients regardless of budget and with reasonable expectations.

One site that caught my attention last year is Project Wonderful. I used the service to advertise my Blogging from Home book last year to create awareness about its launch. Advertisers are able to:
  • Search for ad spaces based on size and categories you are interested in.
  • Bid a rate and compete. If you win, your ad appears for one day and can let it continuously appear.
  • Fund an account by loading it from Paypal in the amount of US$5. If you also sell ad space, revenues generated can also be used to fund your campaigns.
For blog and website owners, you can create an account and submit a site for consideration. I prefer submitting sites one at a time. Once it starts to have advertisers, I add another site and the cycle continues. This way, you won't be adding too much too soon.

Once approved, you'll be able to:
  • Pick the size of ads that you want to appear in your site. Each site can have 5 ad boxes. So far, I've configured my sites with one box each.
  • Set a bid rate.
  • Approve or disapprove ads. In my case, ads I've previously approved will automatically appear. I also add the advertiser as a friend to auto-approve future placements. This makes the administration easy as well.
How about you? What is your Project Wonderful experience like?