Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Buy & sell text link ads through 3rd party - AdHocAds

Nowadays, site owners and advertisers buy text link ads and consider it as an attractive low-cost investment as keywords can be used as the primary text of the ad. As this gets crawled by search engines, it can help in pushing a product or service identity be associated to the keyword defined.

Some bloggers accept images or text link ads to make their site income-generating. These are often placed on the sidebar of a blog. One way of getting this done is by joining sites that sell text link advertisements such as AdHocAds. This is where you:
  • Join (which is free).

  • Add your site, select the category you are in, and set the rate.
    If you have several blogs, I suggest getting your blogs identified in distinct categories. Check out also the listing to see how others have priced their blogs.

  • Wait for ads notice.
Some 3rd party advertising networks requires you to put a code in your site to start letting visitors know that you sell text link ads. I noticed that AdHocAds doesn't have one which members may find convenient.