Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yahoo Purple Crew Jobarracuda won TV 5 Evening News Contest

in black & white, originally uploaded by jobarracuda.

Fellow Purple Crew Jobarracuda just won in the photo contest initiated by the TV 5's The Evening News (TEN). He competed against more than 400 participants in this photo montage contest - where 5 photos on the topic social realism got submitted.

Here is the story behind the photo according to Jobar:

I was shopping at Baguio market when this little girl approached me, asking that she'll carry my bag for some money. I told her that I'll just take a photo of her and she doesn't have to carry my bag.

"Isang kuha lang po ha" (just one photo sir).

I smiled and took a shot as fast as i can because i didn't want her to change her mind.

She was so happy and surprised that i gave her 50 pesos (1 dollar). Most of the time they get 10 or 20 pesos in every bag they carry....and most are heavy shopping bags.

"Kuya nagkamali po kayo" (brother you made a mistake.)

Offering back the money.

"No I didn't", I said. "That is really for you."

Then i went my way praying that the photo i took of her was alright.

Congratulations Jobar!