Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Yahoo Purple Hunt Phase 2 Winners: 6 Canon Dugutak IXUS cameras

Canon Dugutak IXUS, originally uploaded by ThePurpleHunt.

Just like to give Purple Hunters a heads-up that Yahoo! just announced the winners of the digital camera (phase 2) in the Purple Crew Yahoo Groups. They are:

  1. Franze Ramirez (Mobile number: +63916.992.xxxx)
  2. Tristan Jerick Reyes (Mobile number: +63929.358.xxxx)
  3. Antonio Victor Velasco (Mobile number: +63917.829.xxxx)
  4. Francesca Cruz (Mobile number: +63906.214.xxxx)
  5. Marileen Moral (Mobile number: +63927.790.xxxx)
  6. Joan Lyn Matawaran (Mobile number: +63917.733.xxxx)

Congratulations Purple Hunters!