Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yahoo Purple Hunt Phase 4 Grand Finale Winners

Purple Hunt Philippines @ Yahoo! Video

Congratulations to Calvin Galgana (Honda Jazz), Erliza Karen Cabisidan (entertainment system), and Jemuel del Valle (Canon 500D Digital SLR) for winning the Yahoo! Purple Hunt phase 4 grand finale prizes.

All winners from Yahoo! Purple Hunt phase 2, 3, and 4 were recognized during the evening finale event.

Those who did not win in the footrace also got Globe Tattoo kits. For those who were not able to get their prize, please expect the event organizer, Youthopia, to contact you in a day or two on the collection of your consolation prize.

Congratulations Yahoo! Purple Hunters!

Also, there are a lot of feedback received from you on problems encountered during the event and how the Purple Hunt can be further improved. You can e-mail and a Yahoo! representative shall respond.

Yahoo Purple Hunt Honda Jazz Winner - Calvin Galgana @ Yahoo! Video

Erliza Karen Cabisidan bagged 2nd prize at Yahoo Purple Hunt @ Yahoo! Video

Jemuel del Valle bagged 3rd prize at Yahoo Purple Hunt footrace @ Yahoo! Video

New Vision Dance group at Yahoo Purple Hunt Grand Finale @ Yahoo! Video