Sunday, November 29, 2009

E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing Workshop for Carl Duisberg Association of the Philippines

Last November 20 and 21, I conducted an e-commerce and social media marketing hands-on workshop for the Carl Duisberg Association of the Philippines (CDAP). Its organization members and non-member paying attendees, for a total of 30 participants, joined the said activity at Oxford Suites in Makati City.

Here was my training outline at that time:

Day 1
  • Introduction to E-Commerce
  • E-Commerce Project Planning
  • Accepting Payments Online
  • The E-Commerce Law

Day 2

  • E-Mail / Newsletter Marketing
  • Search engine optimization
    - Keyword discovery, analysis, distribution
    - Competition analysis
    - Web content writing
  • Search Engine Marketing & Advertising
  • Social Network Marketing & Advertising

I guess the biggest challenge of teaching and handling a workshop of this size is meeting participant expectations based on their individual needs. As 2 days was quite short, I hope the materials received will allow them to move further with their respective experiment or trials.

After the workshop, the organization had its annual election of officers and general assembly. Congratulations to its new set of officers!

The workshop was a good warm up as I'll be resuming my E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs Hands-on Workshop series this December 7 to 18.

My sincerest thanks to the CDAP for having me. All the best to your organization. Big thanks also to DigitalFilipino Club and CDAP member Carole Lee for introducing me to the group.